'I'm A Celeb' Get Highest Viewing Figures In Seven Years Thanks To Lockdown

18 November 2020, 15:06 | Updated: 18 November 2020, 15:09

'I'm A Celebrity' gets highest viewership in seven years
'I'm A Celebrity' gets highest viewership in seven years. Picture: ITV/ Im A Celeb

'I'm A Celeb' viewing figures have sky rocketed thanks to everyone being in lockdown despite the fact the show is airing from Wales rather than Australia.

I'm A Celebrity has kicked off its first ever UK-based series for it's 20th year and seeing as we're literally all at home with no where to go and unsurprisingly the viewing figures for the ITV show are reflect this.

I’m A Celebrity Fans Fuming With Beverley Callard For Not Revealing She Is Vegan Before Eating Trial

The series premier drew an average of 10.9 million viewers, with the show peaking at a total of 12 million, which is the highest the figures have been in seven years.

This includes the series where Dec was paired with Holly Willoughby, losing his presenting partner for the first and only ever time.

Viewers naturally tuned in in their millions out of pure curiosity to see how one half of the infamous pair would cope without his presenting partner.

The series is already proving incredibly entertaining one, with Jordan North's constant fear, Shane Richie's witty one liners and Beverley Callard being branded 'Pam' from Gavin & Stacey for doing a vegan eating challenge only to let slip she's only been a vegan since March.

It was also the fifth biggest launch episode in the show’s history, proving it is showing no signs of slowing down twenty years after it began.

Obviously, everyone is interested to see how this year's series will function having to change so many elements of the show, basing it out of Grwych castle in Wales due to the pandemic.

Either way, it's great to see people still love the show just as much as we do!

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