I'm A Celeb's Medic Bob Reveals His Biggest Worry For New Campmates

16 November 2018, 13:22

I'm A Celeb's Medic Bob revealed his biggest worries for the new campmates
I'm A Celeb's Medic Bob revealed his biggest worries for the new campmates. Picture: Facebook

Medic Bob's been part of the 'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here' team for years and he's revealed his biggest worry for 2018's new celebrity campmates.

'I'm A Celeb' 2018 is set to start on Sunday 18th November at 9pm and the line up of celebrity campmates is incredible, but the show's resident doctor, Medic Bob, has revealed his biggest worry for the new campmates.

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Whilst you might think that Medic Bob would be most worried about the celebrity campmates being bitten by snakes or funnel web spiders, it's actually the lack of cooking ability which is keeping the show's doctor awake at night.

Speaking to a tabloid ahead of the new series, Medic Bob said, “My main worry for this series – and it’s a bit of a laugh really – is when I interview all the celebrities and talk about their medicals to them, I try to find out a little bit more without them knowing.

He added, "But I haven’t found one that can cook. There’s normally a chef among the group. One person told me if nobody else cooks he’ll do the cooking but I don’t know if he’s particularly good.

"Everybody else is saying ‘I hope there’s somebody good that can cook in camp’. If no-one can cook then you’re in a lot of trouble because the food we send in is specifically to be used, every part of it."

Medic Bob went on to say, "If we send something in with a thick skin, it’s amazing how many celebrities throw that skin away. It makes us cry because that skin can be used."

With the likes of presenter Noel Edmonds and The Vamps' James McVey entering the jungle, it looks set to be an amazing series - but how can none of the celebs entering actually cook!?

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