I’m A Celeb’s Roman Kemp Says God Father George Michael Would Compete With His Parents’ Christmas Presents As He Opens Up On His Family Bond

18 November 2019, 22:25 | Updated: 18 November 2019, 22:29

Roman Kemp is extremely close to his family.

I’m A Celebrity star and Capital Breakfast host Roman Kemp was quizzed by his campmates on his famous parents, Martin and Shirlie Kemp, as well as his late God father George Michael, who was best friends with the couple.

Admitting his dad is his “best mate”, Roman said: “I speak to him everyday.”

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And when Kate Garraway revealed Spandau Ballet was her favourite group, Roman added: “The funny thing is, so was my mum’s! My mum’s first boyfriend was Andrew Ridgeley.”

Telling all on the family’s close bond with George Michael, Roman continued: “My mum always said she said to George Michael at a party she was gonna marry him [Martin].

“On their first date, George went with them because my mum didn’t want to go on her own - my dad said he spent all day trying to get rid of him!”

Roman Kemp opened up about George Michael
Roman Kemp opened up about George Michael. Picture: ITV / GETTY

Reminiscing on his childhood surrounded by music icons, Roman said: “It’s so nice all the memories I had, going on holidays and having my parents compete with Christmas presents against him.

“One year my dad brought me a bike, a rally bike, and I remember George came to the house and brought in my present and he’d gone to Harrods and bought one of those electric cars, but it was a bat-mobile!”

Roman Kemp opened up about his family life
Roman Kemp opened up about his family life. Picture: ITV

Roman then opened up on how his dad became to be part of Spandau Ballet, saying: “My dad was 16 when he signed his first record - the story goes, Gary started Spandau Ballet and my nan came in and said to Gary ‘you’re leaving Martin out you’ve got to put him in the band’. He couldn’t play an instrument at this point - still can’t, he still hasn’t realised his mic wasn’t on for Live Aid!”

The Breakfast Show host then detailed how he helped his dad as he recovered from a brain tumour.

Roman continued: “When they went back on tour post-brain tumour, he forgot everything so I had to learn all the Spandau Ballet songs and retaught them to him. How can my dad not be my hero through all that?”

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