The Real Reason Bridgerton's Carriage Scene Features Pitbull's 'Give Me Everything'

22 May 2024, 11:19

Pitbull's song was used in Bridgerton for good reason
Pitbull's song was used in Bridgerton for good reason. Picture: Netflix/Getty
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Bridgerton boss explains why they chose to use Pitbull's song 'Give Me Everything' in season 3's steamy carriage scene starring Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton.

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Bridgerton season three promised to bring even more racy scenes, and boy did it deliver. The season really came to a climax at the end of episode four leaving viewers wanting more and spurring on the anticipation for part two.

The episode ends with an extremely intimate moment shared by Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, aka Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton, which is now simply dubbed 'the carriage scene'.

However, one unexpected element of the steamy incident that surprised fans was the use of Pitbull's 2011 song 'Give Me Everything' as the soundtrack to Pen and Colin's raunchy rendezvous. We can already hear tonight, I want all of you tonight bouncing between our ears, but surely it's far to poppy for such an intense moment, no?

Well, not if you're musical geniuses like Bridgerton team and turn it into an orchestral cover which changes the way you consume the song entirely. We've seen them do it before with hits like Billie Eilish's 'Bad Guy' and Ariana Grande's 'Thank U Next'.

Here's why they chose that specific dancefloor-filler for Pen and Colin's big moment...

Things get steamy between Colin and Penelope in Bridgerton season 3
Things get steamy between Colin and Penelope in Bridgerton season 3. Picture: Netflix

Speaking to Variety, showrunner Jess Brownell revealed that the song was in fact her choice. “I didn’t pick a lot of the songs, but I weirdly picked the Pitbull song," she admitted. "I never thought I would pick a Pitbull song for a sexy moment, but the build of it just works perfectly.”

Although the song was not written into the script, as Jess heard the Archer March rendition she thought it was "a really sexy adaptation of the song”. She went on: “It’s a tricky balance because you hope that people aren’t taken out of the scene by going like, ‘Wait a second, it’s Pitbull?!’”

The lyrics of the song also perfectly match with the script, Pitbull sings I’ma make you feel so good, tonight / Cause we might not get tomorrow which mirrors the words of Penelope's inner monologue. Bridgerton author Julia Quinn writes: "Tomorrow would be awful, knowing that he would find some other woman with whom to laugh and joke and even marry. But today…. Today was hers. And by God, she was going to make this a kiss to remember.”

No matter what anyone thinks of the unexpected song choice, it has had the approval of Mr. Worldwide himself so nothing else can matter now.

Pitbull took to Instagram saying: "This again shows the world how music is the international language that transcends over boundaries more so how a hit song can remain timeless. Thank you @bridgertonnetflix and @netflix for the opportunity, Dale! @neyo @afrojack."

Bridgerton's IG account replied saying: "This author would most certainly agree with Lord Worldwide… Music speaks when words cannot." Lady Whistledown couldn't have put it any better.

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