Why Was Francesca Recast For Bridgerton Season 3?

12 June 2024, 23:00

Hannah Dodd (right) is the new Francesca Bridgerton
Hannah Dodd (right) is the new Francesca Bridgerton. Picture: Netflix
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Why did they replace Francesca in Bridgerton? Here's the real reason Francesca Bridgerton was recast for season three of Netflix's Bridgerton.

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After two seasons as a background character, Bridgerton season 3 sees Francesca Bridgerton take on a larger role. In the season that centres around the love story of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton viewers get to witness the start of Francesca's relationship with future husband John Stirling.

This is the first season where Francesca will be played by actress Hannah Dodd, who has replaced Ruby Stokes, but why have Netflix recast the role?

Ruby had played Francesca since the series' debut in 2020, so why is she no longer in the role? Especially now that Francesca has a bigger storyline? Here's the truth of it.

Hannah Dodd now plays Francesca Bridgerton
Hannah Dodd now plays Francesca Bridgerton. Picture: Netflix

Why did they replace Francesca in Bridgerton?

Ruby Stokes, who was playing Francesca Bridgerton, had to step away from her role in Bridgerton due to other filming responsibilities. She left the regency-era drama to film the supernatural drama Lockwood & Co, which is another Netflix show.

In Lockwood & Co's first (and sadly only) season, Ruby stars as the lead role Lucy Carlyle. Variety reported in May 2023 that the series would not be getting a second season, because 'while Netflix was very pleased with the show, and especially the work that had gone into it, viewing numbers didn't meet the threshold to greenlight a second season'.

Actress Hannah Dodd has now stepped into the role of Bridgerton sister Francesca, after being turned down when she auditioned for the show a couple of years ago.

Hannah is best known for her roles in other Netflix projects such as Enola Holmes and Anatomy of a Scandal.

Francesca Bridgerton steps into a bigger role in season three
Francesca Bridgerton steps into a bigger role in season three. Picture: Netflix

On the Bridgerton season three premiere red carpet, Hannah described Francesca as an 'introverted' character who goes through a lot of 'self-discovery' during the season.

Fans of the show are certainly happy with Hannah's role in Bridgerton, with one taking to X/Twitter to say: "i’ve loved hannah since she played thea in find me in paris and im just LOVING her as francesca bridgerton i literally feel so proud !!![sic]"

And another said: "without a doubt, my biggest source of joy in pt1 is realizing that hannah dodd is the francesca bridgerton of my DREAMS. the frannie of my dreamssssss, y’all. oh my God [sic]"

A different viewer wrote: "I know she’s a different actress but Hannah is playing Francesca in this scene with the same mannerism Ruby did, well done!"

Speaking to ELLE.com, Hannah shared a beautiful comment about taking over the role from Ruby: "Francesca is such a gorgeous character that it takes two people to get to tell her story, but I’m not trying to erase the fact that Ruby played her first."

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