The Unaired Love Island All Stars Scene That ‘Gave The Boys The Ick’

29 February 2024, 17:23 | Updated: 29 February 2024, 17:34

Tom Clare and Molly Smith won Love Island All Stars
Tom Clare and Molly Smith won Love Island All Stars. Picture: ITV2/Global

By Kathryn Knight

Love Island All Stars’ couple Tom Clare and Molly Smith had a hilarious anecdote on how the Islanders spent their days off.

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The Love Island cast famously only have one day off per week while filming and this rule still stood for the latest series of All Stars, which saw famous Islanders return to the show that made them famous.

After winning the series Tom Clare and Molly Smith stopped by Capital HQ for a catch up and spilled what really would go down when the cameras weren't rolling.

Asked if Molly, a passionate runner, was able to keep up her exercise regime, the 29-year-old explained to us they couldn’t leave the villa on their days off this time around so instead she tried running around the swimming pool, only to give it up after some of the other Islanders said it ‘gave them the ick’.

Molly recalled: “I ran around the pool,” to which Tom chimed in: “She didn’t let me watch!”

Tom Clare and Molly Smith won All Stars
Tom Clare and Molly Smith won All Stars. Picture: Shutterstock

“Why would you want to sit and watch me run round the pool?” Molly laughed.

Tom replied: “I’d just want to sit outside by the pool and so you’d be like ‘I’m not running then’.”

Molly then revealed why some of the Islanders put her off of running: “I know why! I’ll tell you why… because there was this one time I wasn’t running round the pool, I think I’d finished and I’d sat down and you said something like, ‘you run ok.’ He told me my running technique was ‘okay’ and I said I didn’t really realise there was a running technique.

“Then, one of the other girls was running round, I won't name names, and a few of the boys started to explain icks of running. Remember when he [Chris Taylor] got Lib [Poole] and Sophie [Piper] to run round the pool? This was Chris doing it. And he was showing us what an icky run was.”

Molly Smith and Tom Clare found romance on Love Island All Stars
Molly Smith and Tom Clare found romance on Love Island All Stars. Picture: ITV2

Molly added: “So I thought I’m never gonna run in front of them again because I’ve probably got an icky run.”

Tom continued: “Us boys never told the girls that did we?”

And Molly replied: “I was sat right there!”

Asked whether Tom will be running with her in future, Molly said: “I’ve sighed up to a half marathon again and Tom seems to think he’s gonna do it with me but he’s 6ft 5 and his run stride is about eight of mine.”

Tom Clare and Molly Smith gave us the All Stars tea
Tom Clare and Molly Smith gave us the All Stars tea. Picture: Global

Molly is reportedly on track to become a millionaire, but when we grilled her on the reports she replied: “I’d love that! I don’t know. Someone knows something I don’t.”

The couple are adjusting to life outside of the villa after winning the £50k prize and Tom has plans to resume his football career meaning he’ll be moving back up North which would in fact be closer to new flame Molly.

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