Love Island Viewers Worry For Shaughna Phillips Who Threatens To Quit Show Over Casa Amor

5 February 2020, 15:29 | Updated: 6 February 2020, 15:43

Shaughna Phillips gets upset worrying Callum Jones's head is turned in Casa Amor
Shaughna Phillips gets upset worrying Callum Jones's head is turned in Casa Amor. Picture: ITV/Love Island

Love Island viewers worry for Shaughna Phillips, who says she'll leave the villa is Callum Jones couples up with someone in Casa Amor, as he cracks on with new girl Molly Smith.

Love Island viewers are expressing their worry for Shaughna Phillips, as Callum Jones officially blows her off for Molly Smith, and she's shown getting upset and threatening to leave the villa if he returns with another woman- which we all know he has very much done.

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In a teaser for the show, Shaughna lies on a sun bed, visibly stressed and upset, saying, "I just don't know what I'd do if he comes back with another girl... like, I would not be able to live in this villa."

Switching to the boys in Casa Amor, the lads tell Callum: "Since you've come in here you've been a different man."

Shaughna Phillips gets upset over Callum in Casa Amor
Shaughna Phillips gets upset over Callum in Casa Amor. Picture: ITV2/ Love Island

Callum replies: "I never thought I'd come in here and feel like that."

He then tells Molly Smith, 25, who it was revealed today was in a relationship with 2018 contestant Jordan Adefeyisan, that it needed to have been someone 'special' to turn his head, before grabbing and kissing her.

People have taken to Twitter to express their sympathy for Shaughna, who has been shaken ever since the boys left for the other villa and admitting she doesn't trust Callum to stay loyal, with some even urging producers to remove her before Callum's return/

One said, "They should just take Shaughna out of the villa before Callum returns. I don’t wanna see her heart/confidence get ripped to shreds. This is gonna be so badddd."

Another urged her to find her inner bad b**ch, saying, "I need Shaughna to channel that @AmberRoseGill energy and remember she is THAT bitch when Callum walks back in with Molly."

Everyone knows the most gripping episode of the whole series is when the islanders reunite after Casa Amor, hearts get broken, the most awkward TV in the world ensues, as well as a whole lot of 'chats' and frosty arguments, but none are looking to be as bad as Callum and Shaughna's reunion.

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