Love Island Fans Defend Shaughna Phillips Over Trolls' Comments About Her Legs

4 February 2020, 11:23 | Updated: 4 February 2020, 13:59

Fans defend Shauna Phillips from trolls online
Fans defend Shauna Phillips from trolls online. Picture: ITV2/ Love Island

Fans are stepping in to defend 'Love Island's' Shaughna after Twitter is flooded with comments about her legs, branding them 'tree trunks' as trolls are warned about affecting someone's mental health.

Love Island viewers are defending the most 'intelligent, genuine' islander, Shaughna Phillips, after trolls have been making cruel jokes about her legs online, even suggesting they're why Callum's head has been turned in Casa Amor.

Love Island’s Callum Jones To Break Shaughna Phillips’ Heart In Casa Amor? Scaffolder Has His Eye On New Girl Molly

The 25-year-old is an original islander on the first winter series, immediately coupling up with Callum Jones and the democratic support officer becoming one of the most popular contestants on the show for her honesty and wearing her heart on her sleeve.

Ever since Shaughna has been on our screens in the villa, Twitter has been flooded with cruel comments about her legs, from people saying they 'don't match her body' to calling them 'tree trunks' that have caused justified outrage from many others.

Some even suggested Callum's wandering eye was down to the size of her legs.

Trolls tweet about Shaughna's legs on Twitter
Trolls tweet about Shaughna's legs on Twitter. Picture: Twitter

Countless people have leapt to her defence, calling out trolls for their dangerous language that can have a serious effect on people's mental health, saying their own legs look exactly like Shaughna's and praising them as beautiful.

The islander's chronicled her weight loss journey on Instagram before heading into the ITV2 show, revealing she lost 4st through a combination of exercise and diet, and many people have pointed out

One user wrote: "Actually SICK of girls crying about there not being any body diversity on the show and preaching about body positivity and not tearing other females down yet make absolutely VILE comments about shaughna’s legs."

Another wrote, "This is madness, personally think Shaughna’s got the nicest body in there. Showing people that it’s okay to have natural boobs and have a natural body is so refreshing. So what if she’s got slightly bigger legs than the other girls??? BE NICE."

Many are pointing out the hypocrisy of people preaching about body positivity and protecting the islander's mental health but still making comments about someones's appearance, warning them of the dangers of internet trolling.

As the boys left the villa to head into Casa Amor, Callum's head was turned the whole way around, incredibly quickly, by new islander Molly, agreeing to stay in a bed with her and kissing her in a teaser for a challenge they take part in tonight.

Shaughna's been worried his eyes would stray, and now it's been confirmed they have, fans again have been praising the contestant, with people almost unanimously saying she's 'too good' for him and saying they want her to take home the crown.

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