Love Island's Shaq & Haris Get Into Explosive Argument Over Beer Pong Kiss

20 January 2023, 10:47 | Updated: 20 January 2023, 10:48

Shaq and Haris almost come to blows after beer pong

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Love Island's Shaq and Haris got into a heated argument in last night's episode and some fans were a little confused, here's everything that went down and the fight explained...

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Last night's episode of Love Island saw Haris Namani and Shaq Muhammad come to blows after a dramatic game of beer pong.

We're only four episodes into the new season of the iconic ITV2 dating show, but things are already heating up in the South African villa as three bombshells mixed up the dynamic between contestants.

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The fight broke out after new bombshell David Salako was dared to kiss the girl he fancied most during the game, he opted to lock lips with Tanya Manhenga – which didn't go down so well with Shaq, who she's coupled up with. This is where Haris got involved...

After the steamy game of beer pong dares, Haris quizzed David on his kiss with Tanya, irritating Shaq in the process...

The Love Island fight confused viewers
The Love Island fight confused viewers. Picture: ITV
Last night's beer pong game took a dramatic turn
Last night's beer pong game took a dramatic turn. Picture: ITV

He called the TV salesman "s*** stirrer" and a shouting match quickly erupted between the two, and it got heated!

21-year-old Haris told the airport security guard to "shut the f*** up," to which Shaq bit back, "you shut the f*** up you f****** p****".

As the argument continued to escalate, the boys' fellow Islanders were forced to step in and attempt to control the situation.

"I'll speak to you however I want," Shaq shouted after Haris ordered his villa mate not to speak to him, the pair were divided by the other contestants and sent to separate areas of the villa to cool down.

It didn't take long for viewers to take to Twitter to share their thoughts on the row, one user wrote: "I need to rewind because I proper don’t understand why they started sparking? [sic]

"I don’t even understand who Shaq was angry at, I thought it was David but then Haris started shouting," the tweet continued.

Another puzzled viewed posted: "Why did Shaq and Haris even start fighting for?? I’m so confused."

One fan theorised that the argument broke out due to high emotions after the game, they wrote: "shaq only started the fight with haris bc he was upset about tanya."

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