How Much Is Love Island Contestant Ollie Williams Worth? Family Net Worth Revealed

12 January 2020, 16:56 | Updated: 12 January 2020, 17:01

Love Island's Ollie Williams leads a very luxury lifestyle
Love Island's Ollie Williams leads a very luxury lifestyle. Picture: Love Island/Instagram

The Love Island villa is welcoming a VIP this winter which only leaves us with one question, just how rich is Ollie Williams?

Love Island 2020 is welcoming their first heir to a villa in the form of Ollie Williams - the first son of Lord of the Manor of Lanhydrock. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it?

And with a title like that, an Instagram full of VERY extravagant holidays and with his job title being ‘land owner’, we want to know, exactly how much is he worth?!

Love Island's Ollie Williams Leads A Very Extravagant Lifestyle

From his family business, to his net worth, here’s everything you need to know about the Love Island contestant Ollie:

Ollie Williams owns a beach and a lot more thanks to his family's wealth
Ollie Williams owns a beach and a lot more thanks to his family's wealth. Picture: Ollie Williams/Instagram

How much is Ollie Williams worth?

Ollie’s dad, the Lord of the Manor of Lanhydrock runs the private company which manages the country estate, meaning their family are multi-millionaires.

It’s been reported the house, which is VERY large, and family assets are estimated at around £15.8million. Nice.

Love Island Ollie Williams on ski holiday
The love Island contestant goes on a number of luxury holidays every year. Picture: Ollie Williams/Instagram

What does Ollie Williams own?

Are you ready for it? Not only does Ollie’s family own a pretty mega house, they also own an ENTIRE beach.

Yup, when talking to Love Island producers about his best chat up lines he revealed: “Best chat up line I’ve ever used is, ‘Do you know Polzeath beach in Cornwall? I own it. That’s it. Chat up line, done."

The family also have a luxury fleet of cars and probably a whole load of other VERY fancy things.