Lucie Donlan Reveals The Side Of Michael & Amber's Love Island Relationship We Didn't See

16 July 2019, 15:44

Lucie Donlan spills the tea on Michael and Amber's relationship
Lucie Donlan spills the tea on Michael and Amber's relationship. Picture: ITV2/ Love Island

Lucie Donlan has revealed there was a lot viewers don't get to see between the Love Island couples, especially with Michael and Amber.

Dumped islander Lucie Donlan has spilt the tea on Michael and Amber's relationship and the parts that didn't make it to our TV screens whilst appearing on Kem Cetinay's Love Island: The Morning After podcast and it's making us look at the whole situation a little differently.

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The Devonshire surfer has revealed that things may not have been so rosy between Michael and Amber, as Michael had actually been emotionally 'down' in the villa before Casa Amor saw him dump her for new bombshell, Joanna.

The 21-year-old explained:"Before I left for Casa Amor, I'll be honest, Michael was a little bit down, and for me, I'm not the best at comforting people, but I'd just go over and give him a little hug and he'd be quiet, and I'd be like 'are you OK?'"

Insinuating that Michael was done with their relationship long before they ended she said: "I just knew something was up, but he doesn't really talk about stuff like that."

Kem added: "It makes you think there were more issues on his behalf that makes you think he was done with the relationship."

Lucie also went on to speak about her surprise that Amber is so willing to take him back after the way he's messed her around, saying: "Knowing Amber I didn't really think she'd have someone back after that, and very much likes him."

Michael came under fire from the public and islanders alike when he pulled Amber for a chat in Monday's episode, demanding she 'sit down' because extinguishing any hope the pair had of rekindling their romance after Joanna's departure.

Lucie also expected him to leave the villa with Joanna, saying: "Now [Joanna's] leaving, I'm surprised he's not left with her."

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