Viewers Appalled At Michael's Behaviour As He Demands Amber 'Sit Down' During Love Island Rejection

16 July 2019, 11:00

Amber Gill told to 'sit down' by Michael in savage conversaiton
Amber Gill told to 'sit down' by Michael in savage conversaiton. Picture: ITV/Love Island

Michael has found himself in even deeper water with the public after his savage chat with Amber on Monday night's episode of Love Island.

Viewers are seriously unhappy with Love Island Michael over his treatment of Amber, and after Monday's episode which saw him tell her he doesn't have feelings for her and going about in kind of a rude way, barking at her to 'sit down' much to the shock of their fellow islanders.

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The show has been up to its usual trickery after a surprise dumping saw the bottom couple, Michael & Joanna Chimonides split up and only one allowed to remain in the villa- with original islander Michael deciding to stay.

As Joanna grabbed him by the chin and warned him with "If you've found what you want you better leave mate", it was an uncomfortable ending to their romance, which sent Michael into something of a spiral.

He pulled Amber, demanding she 'sit down' where he rejected her advances (again) in a brutal fashion.

Maura watched the action as it went down and couldn't believe Michael's behaviour, asking: "Did she just let him talk to her like that...'Sit down'... That was really rude."

As Amber questions whether he's staying, Michael explains: "I'm staying in the sense that I'm enjoying the rest of my time here...but ultimately, that's where my head is at."

"This will kind of be a test for me and her, whether or not that's the case, fine, but I know where my head is at and I just wanted to be 100% clear."

The girls rushed over to comfort Amber who was confused at the 'savage' conversation, with people taking to Twitter to voice their disapproval at how he handled the situation.

One user wrote: "I hate how powerful and confident Michael feels knowing that amber still has feelings for him. he really needs to be reminded of his place because he’s clearly losing it. “sit down“ excuse you???" and another joked that Michael himself was acting out his own favourite word...'childish'.

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