Love Island Fans Have Resurfaced Joey Essex's Song 'Reem' And It's Hilarious

13 June 2024, 17:18 | Updated: 13 June 2024, 17:36

Joey Essex popularised the term 'reem'
Joey Essex popularised the term 'reem'. Picture: Getty/Joey Essex

By Tiasha Debray

Joey Essex’s track ‘Reem’ is making the rounds again, 13 years later because of his entrance into the Love Island villa.

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Trigger warning to those of you who were in secondary school in 2011, because Joey Essex’s TOWIE track ‘Reem’ is making the rounds again.

Triggered by his entrance on Love Island 2024 as the shocking first celebrity bombshell to ever grace the show, jaws dropped at the reality star's new look.

Joey has made a lasting impression on British households with his constant appearance on UK television since he left TOWIE in 2013. From Celebrity Dancing on Ice, I’m A Celeb, Celebs Go Dating and so much more and he’s finally made it to the pinnacle of reality dating, Love Island.

Joey entered the Love Island 2024 villa as the first bombshell
Joey entered the Love Island 2024 villa as the first bombshell. Picture: ITV

But with his entrance to the villa, Joey’s fans can’t help but dredge up the past, no matter how much Joey seems to want to leave it behind if his conversations with the other half of his couple on the show Samantha Kenny have been like.

And so, a whole new generation has been gifted the ultimate gift from 2011, the one-off track ‘Reem’ by Joey.

He essentially made ‘fetch happen’ with the word ‘reem’. A seemingly made-up term became common slang referring to something good through his sheer willpower, “My hair looks so reem,” was the example Joey used himself.

The song became the song of the summer and featured a girl group from the time, Miss Millionaire.

Joey Essex released the song 'Reem' in 2011
Joey Essex released the song 'Reem' in 2011. Picture: Joey Essex

A music video was also released that followed the journey of a young 12-year-old cast as “Little Joey” who was heading to the club (somehow) and was on a journey to looking and feeling reem.

The catchiest part of the song was when Joey repeatedly sang “You want to look reem, smell reem, be reem, reem” and it’s this snippet that’s now found its way onto TikTok and has been slowly growing into a new audio trend.

Old fans of Joey have been begging new fans to let them rest, with one TIkToker uploading a video with the text reading, “I’m so sorry we can’t let this song trend because it used to be my ringtone and my morning alarm.”

She also captioned her video saying, “This song gives me the physical anxiety of my phone ringing in class….but it's also a slippery slope back into my Towie era.”

Fans seem to be reliving the nostalgia of 2011 and hearing Joey use the word Reem on national television in 2024 triggered everyone into a different time.

Another TikToker uploaded a video to the audio and wrote “Having this song in my head rent-free wasn’t on my 2024 agenda,”

Even ex-islander Chloe Burrows has jumped on the trend, uploading a fit check video revealing her new long blonde hair, all to the tune of… you guessed it, ‘Reem.’

What are the lyrics to Joey Essex's song 'Reem'?

I'm looking hot tonight

Louis's on my feet

Make me feel so nice

Got my girls right by my side

We're gonna party till the morning light

I'm coming alive

Step inside

Take me up high

Tonight is the night


You wanna look reem

Smell reem

Be reem


You wanna look reem

Smell reem

Be reem


I wanna look reem

Smell reem

Be reem


I wanna look reem

Be reem


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