Danny & Jourdan Reveal The 'Mental Trick' Producers Play They Struggled With Most

18 July 2019, 17:03

Danny & Jourdan spill the tea on producers' tactics on Love Island
Danny & Jourdan spill the tea on producers' tactics on Love Island. Picture: Global

Former islanders Danny and Jourdan have revealed the lengths producers would go to stop islanders having any sense of the time & send them to bed at crazy hours.

Danny and Jourdan dropped by Capital to spill some tea about life inside the villa, and it turns out the producers go to extreme lengths to throw the islanders off, fiddling with the time on the oven every single day to stop them having any sense of time.

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The new couple revealed islanders were driven to trying to measure the sun to try to work out what time of day it was, although they were ‘basically clueless’ the entire time.

They dispelled another myth that they go to bed at the same time every night- saying some nights they stayed up so late filming that they’d watching the sun come up, and others they predicted they were in bed by 8pm.

Danny said: “Obviously we’re completely unaware of the time but there’s been nights when we get into bed and the sun is literally coming up… and then you’re up about five or six hours later and it’s like dinner time.”

“One random night you’ll probably go to bed at like…8pm, I’m guessing, like, really, really early when your out of sync with time.”

Jourdan found it difficult not knowing the time, revealing: “It’s definitely a mental game in there, the idea of not knowing the time is definitely what I struggled with the most in there, it’s probably the only thing I struggled with.”

“It drove me insane because there was a time on the oven and they change it anyway.”

Danny: “The time on the oven was wrong and they came in and changed it everyday to throw you off… we tried to work out the time by looking at the sun and how much shade was on the gym when we woke up, but we were clueless really.”

Joking that they'd become something of Bear Grylls copycats, Danny went on to say: “We’d come out to the gym and say it with so much confidence like ‘it’s half eleven’ but we had absolutely no idea.”

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