Love Island Fans Notice Curtis Pritchard Is Treating Maura Higgins The Exact Way He Treated Amy Hart

26 July 2019, 10:03 | Updated: 26 July 2019, 10:23

Curtis danced with Maura on their date just like he did with Amy
Curtis danced with Maura on their date just like he did with Amy. Picture: ITV2

Love Island viewers reckon Curtis Pritchard is treating Maura Higgins the same as he did Amy Hart.

Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart were coupled up for five weeks before he had his head turned by Jourdan Riane and abruptly ended their romance, but days later he moved on to Maura Higgins and the couple quickly grew very close – even sharing some very intimate moments under the sheets.

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But two weeks into their blossoming relationship and Love Island viewers have noticed Curtis is acting exactly as he did with Amy toward Maura.

The professional ballroom dancer has already called the ring girl a “fantastic young lady” on more than one occasion, something he often called Amy, and on Thursday night’s episode viewers had déja vu as Curtis and Maura had their final date of the series.

Maura even wore orange like Amy had on her date with Curtis
Maura even wore orange like Amy had on her date with Curtis. Picture: ITV2

The lovebirds were treated to a champagne lunch as a harpist played music for them in the background, a similar set-up Curtis and former flame Amy had on one of their dates before they split.

When Curtis asked Maura to dance, viewers flooded Twitter to point out he used the exact tactic on his date with Amy just a few weeks ago.

Many fans also noticed how he didn’t return Maura’s compliments after she told him: “When you smile, I smile” and he responded: “I’m a very lucky man.”

One person tweeted: “Does Curtis only have one setting? Did exactly the same things to make up with Amy when she was mad at him... Talk about how happy he is, their future together then had a dance,” as another said: “Omg Curtis and Maura's date was exactly the same as his and Amy’s. Does he do this with every girl?”

“I’m just not feeling Maura and Curtis. The fact he said and did all these things with Amy and then dropped her as soon as there was someone else, I just don't think he has any genuine feelings for these girls,” pointed out another fan.

“Maura surely must see that Curtis isn't going to be loyal to her on the outside- he's saying the same things to her that he said to Amy- ‘I won't lie to you….’ ‘I don't know what I would have done in that situation….’” Tweeted another.

“Every time Curtis calls Maura beautiful or good-looking I just think about the ofsted compliments he was giving Amy,” joked one viewer.

Curtis and Maura appeared to patch things up on their date, after the Irish beauty was left doubting her new partner following the advice he gave Jordan hames to tell India Reynolds he liked her behind girlfriend Anna Vakili’s back.

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