Love Island Star Curtis Pritchard’s Mum And Brother Reveal What They Really Think Of Amy Hart

1 July 2019, 16:31

Curtis Pritchard's mum thinks her son's head wont turn
Curtis Pritchard's mum thinks her son's head wont turn. Picture: ITV2

Curtis Pritchard’s mum and brother have opened up about the Love Island star’s blossoming romance with Amy Hart.

On Sunday night’s (30th June) Love Island, Curtis Pritchard was seen having doubts about his budding relationship with “half-girlfriend” Amy Hart, after the lads in the villa were met with a bevy of new girls.

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Curtis’ mum Debi has now addressed her son’s Love Island journey, and she’s adamant his head won’t be turned.

Speaking to OK! magazine, she said: “He’s found someone that he can be himself around, and I don’t think his head could be turned. You have to be friends before you enter a relationship, or a ‘half relationship’.”

Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart are 'half boyfriend and girlfriend'
Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart are 'half boyfriend and girlfriend'. Picture: ITV2

The dancing professional’s Strictly Come Dancing star brother AJ agreed, adding: “They look so happy and at ease with each other, which is the most important thing.”

Debi continued: “I thought it was really cute that he asked her to be his half girlfriend. “Amy seems really nice, so I’m pleased for them both. I don’t see why they wouldn’t work on the outside.”

While Curtis and Amy became one of the first couples to do bits on the series, his mother isn’t concerned about him having sex.

When asked if she’d spoken to her son about him having sex on TV, she answered: “I’m asked this every single day, but it’s weird because I haven’t even considered it. I surprise myself with that answer, but it’s not something I worry about.”

Despite the fact his mum has faith in his relationship, 23-year-old Curtis was seen questioning his bond with Amy when some of the new girls in the villa caught his eye.

And during a conversation he had with Amy in a recent episode of Love Island, he had viewers adamant he was losing interest in the air hostess. Over scrambled eggs, the air hostess grilled her beau about their future together, asking if he thinks they’ll work on the outside world.

While he may have still been groggy from sleep, Curtis’ response was slow and unenthusiastic as he said: “Yeah” before looking away form his girlfriend and adding: “We don’t know what’s going to happen” as he rubbed his eyes.

Amy continued: “I actually quite like you funnily enough,” to which Curtis blearily responded: “Yeah” The unenthusiastic chat had fans convinced Curtis is losing interest in Amy.

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