Love Island Fans Reckon Curtis Pritchard ‘Isn’t Into Amy Hart’ After Unenthusiastic Chat About Their Future

27 June 2019, 11:57 | Updated: 27 June 2019, 12:52

Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart seemed like one of the strongest couples in the villa, but are cracks starting to show?

Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart coupled up at the very start of Love Island, remaining one of the strongest couples for the past four weeks. However, on Wednesday night’s episode (26th June) the love birds didn’t look so loved up.

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Over scrambled eggs, the air hostess grilled her beau about their future together, asking if he thinks they’ll work on the outside world.

Curtis Pritchard doesn't seem like he's into Amy Hart
Curtis Pritchard doesn't seem like he's into Amy Hart. Picture: ITV2

While he may have still been groggy from sleep, Curtis’ response was slow and unenthusiastic as he said: “Yeah” before looking away form his girlfriend and adding: “We don’t know what’s going to happen” as he rubbed his eyes.

Amy continued: “I actually quite like you funnily enough,” to which Curtis blearily responded: “Yeah”

The unenthusiastic chat had fans convinced Curtis is losing interest in Amy, with many flooding to Twitter to share their thoughts on the awkward chat.

“Is it just me that noticed Curtis shake his head when Amy asked if they would last outside of the villa,” one person tweeted, as another said: “Curtis and Amy are really not into each other they’re just playing the game now.”

Just two weeks into the series Curtis had fans convinced he wasn’t that into Amy after he wiped his mouth following their kiss.

While we’re sure he was simply wiping the lipstick off of his lips, fans were in hysterics at the move questioning why he wiped his face so quickly after their smooch.

Despite fans’ concerns, the couple’s relationship will be tested when Casa Amor is re-introduced in the coming days. In a new twist, this year the girls will apparently be moved to the second villa as opposed to the boys.

A bevy of new girls and boys will join the Islanders, with the boys met by a group of female Islanders while the girls will be greeted by some new male co-stars in Casa Amor.

According to the tabloids, some of the new cast members were spotted at Palma de Mallorca Airport on Wednesday (27th June) morning, with fellow fliers apparently overhearing them talking about entering the villa.

Amongst the rumoured contestants are Tommy Fury’s ex girlfriend and a builder named Dan Rose with his eye on Amy.

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