Caroline Flack's 'Dreading' Flying Between South Africa & UK For Winter Love Island

14 November 2019, 15:33

Caroline Flack is returning as the ITV2 dating show host
Caroline Flack is returning as the ITV2 dating show host. Picture: Instagram

Caroline Flack is set to fly out soon for Winter Love Island promo and isn't prepared for the 13 hour flight back and forth.

Winter Love Island is days away from starting to film and Caroline Flack has said she’s dreading juggling 13-hour flights to South Africa and back to the UK for Aftersun.

Speaking on the red carpet for the ITV Palooza, the 40-year-old told the Metro: “I’m going [to South Africa] on Saturday to do promo. I haven’t packed anything yet. I always pack last minute.”

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She explained the fast-approaching January series will see her flying out regularly to visit the villa, but she will have to tackle the mammoth flight home to film Aftersun, the spin-off show, on the weekend.

The ITV2 dating show is yet to announce which British singletons are taking part in the new series.

However, there have been a few rumours flying around about who’s potentially taking part, including a Scottish footballer, Jay Munro, and a model and fitness instructor, Ellis Iyayi.

Caroline Flack is returning as host for Love Island
Caroline Flack is returning as host for Love Island. Picture: Instagram

The winter version of the series will be the first of its kind and will be followed by the usual annual summer instalment in Mallorca.

There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not the new version will receive the same kind of attention.

Former Islander, Yewande Biala, spoke to the same publication and revealed she thinks it will flop, saying: “I think the first one obviously… everyone’s still in the Love Island bubble, everyone wants something, they’re hungry for something. I feel like the first one will actually do really well.

“But I feel like after that it might gradually get less views, because everyone will be like, ‘Oh, it’s on again. I’ll catch it next time.’ They won’t be watching it on the go as they normally do. I think the views might drop because of that.”

She added: “If it’s all the time, you’re like ‘it doesn’t matter, there’s going to be another one in two months’ time’.”

Caroline previously revealed she thinks this series will be the ‘hottest one yet, and there's still time if you fancy your chances on the show, as applications are still open until November 30 and we cannot wait to see the new line-up!

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