I'm A Celeb: John Barrowman & Noel Edmonds Clash Over 'Groin Scratching' Accusation

23 November 2018, 11:05

Noel Edmonds and John Barrowman clashed as the former Deal or No Deal presenter awkwardly accused John of 'scratching his groin' whilst talking to him, something John definitely didn't take kindly to.

As Noel Edmonds headed into the I'm A Celebrity camp, there had been hints from John's husband that the two big personalities could clash, and it turns out he was absolutely right as John didn't take kindly to Noel calling him out for 'scratching his groin' whilst talking to him.

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The awkward exchange came after the former Deal or No Deal presenter entered the jungle and seized control of his campmates and Noel asked John to stop 'scratching his groin' whilst talking to him, which John interrupted back with: "I'm not, I'm scratching my waist".

After repeatedly refuting Noel's accusations, he rolls his eyes and shakes his head at his other camp mates, later taking to the jungle telegraph, to vent, saying:

"If you try to fix your pants and someone tells you you're grabbing your crotch, I'm not f***ing grabbing my crotch, don't tell me that".

"He's trying to make a joke and be funny but it just didn't land".

People can definitely sense the animosity, and seeing as this is only the first week, we've got a terrible feeling this could be start of a pretty tense.... friendship?

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