Ariana Grande Perfume: All The ‘R.E.M’ Singer’s Fragrances To Put On Your Christmas List

10 December 2020, 12:51

Ariana Grande often promotes her perfumes on Instagram.
Ariana Grande often promotes her perfumes on Instagram. Picture: instagram

Ariana Grande perfume is the one thing you’ll want on your Christmas list this year. Here’s a look at all of the ‘R.E.M’ singer’s fragrances…

Ariana Grande has blessed us with a new album this year in the form of ‘Positions,’ which included hit songs such as ‘34+35,’ a whole load of new merchandise, a 'Rain On Me' Lady Gaga collaboration, a Christmas song with her friend and idol Mariah Carey, and she’s just announced she has a Netflix movie on the way!

She’s also dropped her sixth perfume, R.E.M, which is also the title of a single from her ‘Sweetener’ album. (To say she is spoiling us would be an understatement... we are literal brats!).

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Ariana Grande has six perfumes in total.
Ariana Grande has six perfumes in total. Picture: Ariana Grande/Instagram

Here’s a look at all of the ‘Off The Table’ star’s fragrances…


Ariana’s latest offering is R.E.M which is described as ‘an intergalactic dream of femininity and power, R.E.M. draws you in with a cosmic blend of juicy fig and warm salted caramel’. It also includes lavender and sandalwood.

The bottle is silver and Ari recently posted some photographs of herself wearing it. Like a crown! We have no choice but to Stan.

Thank U, Next

Ariana dropped her Thank U, Next perfume in 2019 and said it was a ‘reflection of her journey - inspiring, strong and full of sass’.

The scent includes ‘juicy notes of sparkling white pear,’ wild raspberry, coconut and macaroon sugar! Sounds good enough to eat! (But please don’t LOL).

As for the bottle, it’s super pretty and pink and shaped like a broken heart.

A look inside Ariana Grande's perfume pop up shop in London


Ariana’s cloud perfume is shaped exactly like its name and promises to be ‘an uplifting scent that imbues a thoughtful, artistic expression of positivity and happiness from Ariana to her fans’.

The fragrance notes include lavender, pear, bergamot, coconut, praline, vanilla orchid and cashmere! Sign us up!


Moonlight smells exactly how we imagine Ariana smells (come on, we’ve all thought about it, no judgement here!).

It includes blackcurrant, plum, marshmallow, peony, sandalwood, black amber and vanilla!

Ariana Grande has been releasing fragrances since 2015!
Ariana Grande has been releasing fragrances since 2015! Picture: Ariana Grande/Instagram

Sweet Like Candy

Sweet Like Candy smells exactly how you would image and we are obsessed with the pretty pink bottle. It screams Ariana!

As for the sent, it includes blackberry, Italian bergamot pear and jasmine and has hints of marshmallow and vanilla.

Ari by Ariana

Again, we’re obsessed with the shape of this bottle which looks just like the Sweet Like Candy perfume, however, the fragrance is different as it includes pink grapefruit, raspberry, rose buds and vanilla orchid.

Ari by Ariana was the singer’s first perfume, which she launched in 2015, and it’s one of our all time faves!

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