Ariana Grande '34+35’ Lyrics Real Meaning Explained

30 October 2020, 04:00

Ariana Grande sings about Dalton Gomez in her new song
Ariana Grande sings about Dalton Gomez in her new song. Picture: Getty / Ariana Grande/Instagram

Ariana Grande is back with a brand new bop '34 + 35’ and the lyrics are naughty – here's what they mean.

The time has finally come and Ariana Grande’s brand new album ‘Positions’ is here, along with a brand new single ’34+35’.

If we know anything about Ari’s new era it’s that she’s totally loved up with new boyfriend Dalton Gomez and it’s clearly inspired a lot of her songs on ‘Positions’.

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’34+35’ is one of them, as Ari sings about “staying up all night” with her man and the antics they get up to.

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We won’t be going into detail about what 34+35 specifically means, but if you do the math it’ll all make sense very quickly.

In the meantime, we’ve decoded the lyrics to ’34+35’ here…

What do the '34+35' lyrics by Ariana Grande mean?

Ariana is basically spilling all about her sex life with Dalton in ’34+35’, which is a pretty big giveaway if you listen closely to the lyrics.

So what you doing tonight?

Better say doing you right

Watching movies but

We ain't seeing anything tonight (yuh)

She even sings in the first chorus ‘just give me them babies’, which we reckon is confirmation she’s in it for the long-term with Dalton.

You might think I'm crazy

The way I've been craving

If I put it quite plainly

Just give me them babies

Ariana Grande's lyrics have taken an x-rated turn
Ariana Grande's lyrics have taken an x-rated turn. Picture: Getty

Taking things to an even more x-rated level, Ari bares even more about their bedroom behaviour with lyrics we’re hoping will fly over her younger listeners’ heads.

I've been drinking coffee (I've been drinking coffee)

And I've been eating healthy (and I've been eating healthy)

You know I keep it squeaky (you know I keep it squeaky)

Saving all my energy

(Can you stay up all night?

F**k me 'till the daylight

Thirty four thirty five

In another verse Ari brags: Got the neighbours yelling ‘Earthquake!’. 1.5 when I make the bed shake, which we don't reckon you need assistance with decoding.

Ari’s new lyrics are far from the theme of her last album ‘Thank U, Next’ which was about moving on from her ex Pete Davidson, but fans are of course loving this new era!

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