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Zayn Malik 'Flaked On Studio Time'

Fans Rush To Defend ZAYN After Accusations He "Flaked On Studio Twice" With This GRAMMY Nominated Star

Zayn and Louis Tomlinson Asset

"It's Not The Way It Used To Be" - Zayn Gets Emotional Remembering His Friendship With Louis Tomlinson

Zayn & Harry Styles

Zayn Malik Has Revealed He "Never Really Spoke To Harry" Styles & We Can't Even Deal

Zayn Malik's Bald Head

Zayn's Mum Shared A Photo Of Her Kissing His Bald Head, And Now The Zquad Are Hella Confused

Zayn Malik Gigi Hadid Perrie Edwards

Uh Oh… Friends Claim Zayn’s “Disappointed” With Perrie Edwards’ Dig At Gigi Hadid

Perrie Edwards Calling Out Gigi Hadid

WATCH: Perrie Edwards Shades Gigi Hadid With A Subtle (But BRUTAL) Lyric Change Live On Stage

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson Reveals His Mum Asked Him To 'Get Back In Contact With Zayn' Before She Died

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