What Happened With Tom Clare And Arabella Chi?

25 January 2024, 17:15

Tom Clare and Arabella Chi have history
Tom Clare and Arabella Chi have history. Picture: ITV2

By Kathryn Knight

Arabella Chi and Tom Clare have a history, but what exactly went down between the Islanders?

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Tom Clare is taking on Love Island: All Stars after his breakup from Samie Elishi and shortly after he arrived in the villa he went on dates with Arabella Chi and Georgia Steel – who he also has unfinished business with.

Tom and Arabella caught up over their romantic date, making it very clear they have some sort of past together – not unlike all the other exes in the villa! We’re looking at you Georgia H and Josh Ritchie and Georgia S and Toby Aromolaran. Oh, and Callum Jones and Molly Smith and Arabella and Toby.

As they skirted around their fling, viewers are desperate to know what happened with Tom and Arabella… Let’s divulge.

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What happened with Tom Clare and Arabella Chi?

During All Stars, Arabella and Tom hinted they’d had some sort of connection in summer 2023 only for it to end due to Arabella’s relationship at the time, which fans are guessing was with now-ex boyfriend Ruben Dias.

She said to Tom on their date: "Obviously we had that situation over summer and I think we both interpreted it wrong. Do you think if there is anything still romantic between us?"

Tom asked what she thought and she replied: "It never really started, it never really ended,” which sounds to us like a flirty exchange took place at the least, but Arabella didn’t take things further because of her relationship at the time.

Tom Clare and Arabella Chi caught up on their date
Tom Clare and Arabella Chi caught up on their date. Picture: ITV2

She added: “It was a situation and then because I was in a relationship, obviously that is why it kind of just…you were really respectful of that… I think that’s probably why you and I ended, because I was off limits to a degree."

Arabella spends a lot of her time in Ibiza - which is where she was spotted partying with Leonardo DiCaprio last summer – and Tom was also spotted in the White Isle in September as he celebrated turning 24. However, it’s not known when or where Arabella and Tom crossed paths.

Tom Clare and Arabella Chi caught up over a date
Tom Clare and Arabella Chi caught up over a date. Picture: ITV2

It’s thought Arabella was in a relationship with Manchester City player Ruben between September and December, quietly dating before they were spotted posting similar pictures in Paris.

However, they broke up over the New Year following a break together. Arabella even called last year her 'unluckiest year in love' yet.

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