Who left Love Island tonight? Here's every dumped contestant so far

28 June 2019, 13:05

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

A complete and up to date list of every contestant sent home from Love Island. You're welcome.

Love Island 2019 so far has been a ride. We've seen romance blossom between Michael and Amber, and Curtis and Amy. We've become aware of Tommy Fury's tiny legs. We've even witnessed what could be the first muttering of the phrase 'fanny flutters' on national TV, thanks to Maura.

But with every couple, every bromance, every beef and every wildly risqué comment about sex positions literally no one has ever heard of (seriously Curtis, the eagle?!), there are bound to be several brutal dumpings.

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We're a few weeks into Love Island now and we've already seen two absolutely savage public votes and a handful of re-couplings that have resulted in some pretty huge contestants being sent home single.

Not counting Sherif Lanre's removal from the Island, six Islanders have been sent packing so far, including fan favourite Yewande Biala, Joe Garrett from the couple formerly known as Jucy and Arabella Chi and Tom Walker who found themselves in the middle of two of the biggest Island dramas so far.

Here is the full list of every Love Island contestant that has been dumped so far:

Who got dumped on Love Island last night?
Who got dumped on Love Island last night? Picture: ITV

Arabella and Tom - June 29th

A few days after Yewande's dumping, the islanders faced another shock dumping ahead of the arrival of twelve new Casa Amor contestants. The public voted to save their favourite couples in the villa, leaving the least popular couples up for a dumping.

Michael, Anton and Tommy voted to dump Arabella and Amber, Lucie and Molly-Mae voted to dump Tom. Danny and Maura are now single.

Yewande - June 24th

Following an intense week, Yewande was dumped by Danny, who chose to couple up with Arabella. Viewers thought that Anton, who was currently single, would choose Yewande to stay but he chose fellow single Lucie as a friend instead. Yewande sadly then left the villa after none of the boys chose to couple up with her.

Joe and Elma - June 18th

Joe was voted out of the villa after being named as one of the two least compatible couples (according to the islanders). Him and Lucie, along with Elma and Anton then faced the public vote. He was voted out, leaving Lucie single in the villa.

Elma, who had just coupled up with Anton, was also voted out. Anton was then left single going into the next re-coupling.

Sherif - June 11th

Sherif was forced to leave the villa following a breach of the rules, leaving Anna single. ITV have still not revealed which rule he broke, and his exit was not shown on screen. In a statement, Sherif said, “In a case of poor judgement, I broke the villa rules and as a result agreed with the producers that it was best for me to leave the villa."

Sherif revealed to The Sun that he was kicked out after a play fight with Molly-Mae, where he accidentally kicked her in the groin and later said “that’s a c*** punt.” Yikes.

Callum - June 7th

Callum was the first contestant dumped from the island after Amber decided to couple up with Anton instead of him in the first brutal re-coupling. Awww, bye Callum!