'Love Island' Viewers Have Realised Everyone In The Villa Has The Same Name And It's Weird AF

19 July 2018, 13:07

Love Island
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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"Not being funny but why do Love Island keep putting in folk with the same names?"

If you've been watching Love Island this season, you'll know that the picturesque Spanish villa has had its fair share of dramatic moments, tears and a whole lot of people with the same first name.

Love Island fans are swimming in a sea of people named Jack, Laura, Alex, Sam, Ellie and Josh and it's all starting to feel like an elaborate prank by the producers.

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A few people summed up how ridiculous the name chaos has become.

Viewers are having to come up with different ways to tell everyone apart. Eg. "Jack" and "Oluwajack" to distinguish between Jack Fincham and Jack Fowler (their initials are even the same. I just...can't. I need rest.)

It wasn't lost on viewers just how big the contestant pool must be.

When will the madness end? Won't somebody think of the children some different names?!

Here's one logical reason why they so many Islanders have the same names.

If we said the Islanders had an average age of 24, for arguments sake, that would put their birth year at around 1994. In 1994, these were the top 10 names for boys and girls born in England and Wales according to babymed's analysis of public records.

Baby names 1994
Picture: Babymed.com

Jack, Laura, and Josh are genuinely very popular names for people born around 1994.

Of course, that bit of logic doesn't eliminate the possibility that the producers are currently sitting in a dark room laughing maniacally to themselves as they introduce a 7th Alex into the villa.

The people are tired!

Anyway, catch us watching Love Island every night as the house eventually becomes 6 Lauras vs 6 Jacks.