'Love Island' Stars Hit Back At Lucie Donlan's Claims Yewande Biala 'Bullied' Her

19 January 2021, 10:34

Yewande Biala hits back at claims she 'bullied' Lucie Donlan
Yewande Biala hits back at claims she 'bullied' Lucie Donlan. Picture: Instagram @yewande_biala/ ITV Love Island

Yewande Biala and Amber Rose Gill have hit back at Lucie Donlan after she claimed she was 'bullied' on 'Love Island' accusing her of lying.

Love Island's Lucie Donlan has come under fire for claiming Yewande Biala 'bullied' her during the show and now, co-stars including Amber Gill are stepping in to call out the Devonshire surfer for her own behaviour on the ITV2 series.

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Yup, the drama is kicking off without a series even airing as comments Lucie allegedly made on social media have surfaced claiming she was bullied on the show.

They were in response to a YouTube video Yewande filmed with Joe Garrett (Lucie's ex) in which she called her a 'horrible person'.

Lucie supposedly said: "She’s always bullied me, I’m not bothered about her opinion."

"Makes her look bad. Not sure where she said that though!"

Lucie Donlan claims she was bullied on Instagram
Lucie Donlan claims she was bullied on Instagram. Picture: Instagram

Yewande has tweeted in response to these comments surfacing, saying Lucie wouldn't call her by her name as she found it too 'difficult' to say, and other co-stars are supporting her on this.

She tweeted: "You refused to call me by my name because it was too “hard to pronounce” now you wanna say I bullied you !! Bullied."

Yewande Biala hits back at Lucie Donlan's claim she 'bullied' her
Yewande Biala hits back at Lucie Donlan's claim she 'bullied' her. Picture: Twitter

The show's winner, Amber Gill, quickly came to her friend's defence to reinforce that Lucie had asked to shorten Yewande's name in order to make it 'easier' for her to pronounce.

She said: "Na when she said can I call you “Y” I said lol no you can’t can I just call you “her” you were peaceful in that exchange. It was me with the vim."

Amber continued: "Call me problematic But if I see something false or that I don’t like I’m speaking regardless and if it’s about my friend I’m yelling idc."

Amber Gill defends Yewande Biala on Twitter
Amber Gill defends Yewande Biala on Twitter. Picture: Twitter

Another star of the 2019 series, Amy Hart, is also speaking up in Yewande's defence, relaying Lucie's words in a tweet asking, "Is there really NOTHING else I can call you?"

Lucie is yet to respond to her co-stars calling her out, but something tells us this won't be the end of the drama...

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