Love Island 2018: Is There A Live Feed?

4 July 2018, 15:41

Love Island Live Feed
Picture: ITV2
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Footage of the live stream has been shown on TV before but can you watch it online?

Safe to say that Love Island 2018 has been the be all and end all of ALL of our summers, right? Viewers can't get enough of Jack and Dani's adorable relationship or the drama that came along with that intense re-coupling over at Casa Amor. In fact, given half the chance, the entire nation would probably spend their whole day watching the Islanders do absolutely nothing in the villa on a constant live stream.

We know the cameras are rolling 24/7 but where and how can you watch all of that extra footage of the contestants that isn't shown in the main show?


Is there a live feed for Love Island?

Unfortunately, there is not a live feed available for the public to stream. Every now and then, the live feed will occasionally be shown on Love Island Aftersun, which airs live on Sundays, after the show at 10pm but it's not accessible anywhere else. A few days ago, the stream was also broadcast on Good Morning Britain, where it showed single Islanders Georgia and Wes sharing a bed together. That footage was not shown in the standard broadcast.

Fans have long since rallied for a live stream so we can continue watching the Islanders during the day and see more of what is not shown on TV. (Not the saucy stuff, get your minds out of the gutter.)

Love Island Live Feed
Picture: Good Morning Britain/ITV

The idea of a live stream has been discussed by the bosses at ITV, however, they're still undecided on whether or not to go through with it.

Head of ITV2 Paul Mortimer said that if they did introduce a live feed, it would be online and not on TV: “It would have to be on another platform. It wouldn’t be on a linear channel… there are other places now that we can actually do it and maybe there is something in that, but we haven’t really thought about it."

"At the moment, we don’t feel like we need to pull any more things out of the hat because the show is doing really well as it is.”

If you're a) British and b) old enough to remember, you'll know there used to be an entire channel devoted to a Big Brother live stream which would run for 24 hours a day but it's unlikely that we'll ever get to see that with Love Island.

Angela Jain, managing director at ITV, said: "On Big Brother, the biggest amount of views came when the people were asleep in the house."

"The joy of the show is having that one hour a night that you look forward to which has become part of the national conversation. I think that feels quite special. It's become appointment-to-view television."

Looks like we'll be waiting a loooong time for a live feed, then.