People Are Losing It Over Jack’s SPOT ON Love Island Impressions

19 June 2018, 15:25

Jack vs. Danny Dyer

Top bants with the in-laws. Block your ears, Danny Dyer!

Posted by Love Island on Saturday, 16 June 2018

By Michaela Walters

Stop what you're doing because Love Island's favourite pen salesman aka the UK's finest stationary connoisseur aka Danny Dyer's future son-in-law aka Jack Fincham has struck again with his already iconic Love Island impersonations and we are not exaggerating when we tell you THEY. ARE. GOLD.

Fans who have already committed the next 8 weeks of their social life to holding a personalised water bottle in front of the telly every night at 9pm might have already caught some highlights, including Jack and Dani's impression of Eyal. But, if you didn't, you're in luck because one absolute hero has compiled all of Jack's best impersonations into one handy video.

Fans have been absolutely losing it over his spot on impressions, with some even saying full episodes should be dedicated to them.

Love Island fans were also cheering on Twitter this week after hearing Megan and Rosie's iconic anti slut-shaming conversation in the Villa. The pair openly discussed their fear of being labelled 'sluts' by the audience at home if they engaged in sexual activity whilst on the show, claiming the men in the villa wouldn't face the same scrutiny.