How long is Love Island on for? When does it finish?

3 June 2019, 17:40

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Find out how long is Love Island on for and exactly when it finishes right here...

At last, the Love Island start date (June 3) is finally here. So far, we've had a peek at the first draft of the Love Island cast, grabbed our Love Island water bottles and got to grips with their social media accounts. It's fair to say, we're totally ready to lose two months of our social lives post-9pm.

But like all good things, they must come to an end. We know, it's not even something you even want to think about right now.

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Last year, Love Island had the lengthiest series yet and we can only hope ITV will try and trump that this time round. So, it's time to reveal what's coming up this time for the grande finale.

Love Island cast and Caroline Flack.
Love Island cast and Caroline Flack. Picture: ITV

When is the Love Island 2019 final?


We know what you're thinking. You don't want Love Island to end, but sometimes you have to say goodbye.

Love Island 2018 started on June 4 and ended on July 30, making the eight-week stint the longest Love Island series in history. If this series, which starts on June 3, follows the same schedule, the Love Island final will be on July 29.

Well, ITV have now confirmed that our calculations were right on the money. The Love Island finale will be on July 29 and with so many singletons still in the villa, it's not looking good for some...

How many weeks is Love Island on for?


According to Radio Times, Love Island will be running for eight weeks this year, just like it did in 2018. Love Island 2017 ran for seven weeks, while Love Island 2016 was just six weeks.

Watch this space, though, all going well it's very possible that ITV could extend the series for a few more weeks.

What happens during the Love Island final?


The Love Island finale is always a time of mixed emotions. Sure it's usually a massive celebration with the final couples all getting glammed up and heading home with the their lovers, but viewers soon start to realise that there's a massive Love Island-sized dent in their social lives. Ugh, the pain.

It's usually a long show, that reflects on all the drama throughout the series, before kicking couples that have the least votes from the public out of the running one-by-one.

Eventually, the winner is announced and the most popular couple then have to make one of their hardest decisions ever. The couple is given a card by Love Island presenter Caroline Flack that reads "Love" on one side and "Money" on the other.

If both choose love, then they can split the £50,000 cash prize between them. But, if one picks love and the other chooses money, then the one who picked money walks away with the full cash prize. However, if they both pick money, both parties leave with absolutely nothing.

In the history of Love Island, no winning couple has ever picked money, all have chosen to split the money between them. But who knows what's in store for series 5…