Love Island To Cast 'Most Diverse Line-Up Ever' As They Extend 2021 Applications

29 March 2021, 12:01

Love Island casting most diverse cast ever for 2021
Love Island casting most diverse cast ever for 2021. Picture: Love Island ITV2

Love Island is extending their 2021 application deadline to allow the best chances of casting a more diverse cast than ever after being accused of having a cast that is too white and lacking body diversity.

Love Island are looking to cast their most diverse cast ever in 2021 as they scrap their original application deadline date in hopes of attracting more potential islanders than ever before, according to this publication.

As news surfaces of the ITV2 show's plans to head to the sunny spot of Majorca this summer, so does producers' determination to have a more varied cast in terms of race, body size and even occupation.

How Can I Apply For Love Island 2021?

Laura Whitmore jokes about the next season of Love Island

The show has reportedly scrapped its initial April 30th deadline as they widen their search for their first set of contestants since the pandemic, having been forced to cancel their 2020 summer series last year.

It is said they have already had over 100,000 applications for the series, but they aren't stopping there!

Love Island has come under fire in recent times for its lack of diversity in its cast and for only casting one body type deemed not representative of society onto its line-up.

A source told the tabloid: "Bosses know that all eyes will be on them when the show returns later this year, so they want to make sure that they can't give anyone anything to criticise them over."

"In the past the show has been criticised for being too white, and having a lack of body diversity."

"Viewers want to see women and men that they can relate to and hot singletons come in all shapes and sizes so this is a positive move."

As well as racial and body diversity, the show has also hinted it is looking to cast people from all walks of life and occupation, especially since we've had a year where the nation's key workers have gone above and beyond to help fight the pandemic.

Former contestant Dr Alex George is just one of those key workers who have been on the front line helping save lives and producers want to capture the mood of the country and celebrate more people like him.

So, if you haven't yet sent off an application for your shot at love but want to, it's good news- get applying!

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