Dani Dyer Facts: Everything You Need To Know From Acting Roles, Her Net Worth And Height

7 January 2019, 14:30 | Updated: 7 January 2019, 16:05

Here's everything you need to know about Love Island's Dani Dyer
Love Island's Dani Dyer has shot to fame since winning Love Island. Picture: Capital (L); Getty (R)

Dani Dyer's set to return to our screens with her new reality show, Jack and Dani: Life After Love Island, but who is she? Here's everything you need to know about the reality TV queen from how tall she is to how much money she has made.

2018's Love Island gave birth to a star and a queen in the form of Dani Dyer, after she won the reality series with her boyfriend, Jack Fincham.

Now, she's set to bring her relationship to ITVBe, with Jack and Dani: Life After Love Island. So before you binge out on their show, check out everything you need to know about Dani.

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Is Dani Dyer Danny Dyer's daughter?

You best believe it - Dani Dyer is actually Danny Dyer's daughter. Her mother is Danny's childhood sweetheart, Joanne Mas.

According to reports, Danny wasn't too keen on seeing his daughter pop up on Love Island.

Dani Dyer is in a relationship with her Love Island partner, Jack Fincham
Dani Dyer is in a relationship with her Love Island partner, Jack Fincham. Picture: Getty

What was Dani Dyer's job before Love Island?

Before finding fame, Dani used to work as a barmaid at her local pub, before following her father's footsteps and acting. She appeared in several feature films, many of which were alongside Danny. She also starred in Age of Kill with Roman Kemp's Dad, Martin Kemp.

She also appeared, albeit briefly, on ITV's Survival of the Fittest, before dropping out of the show. After that, ITV were quick to cast her on Love Island.

Why did Dani Dyer leave Survival of the Fittest?

After taking part in one of the first challenges on Survival of the Fittest, Dani Dyer had to pack her bags and quit Survival of the Fittest, as she injured her shoulder.

In the task, she had to slide down a chute, but unfortunately she landed badly and hurt her arm, forcing her to stop her journey on the show.

What films has Dani Dyer been in?

Dani Dyer has appeared in some lesser-known-films, including The Other Half, Doghouse, Run for Your Wife, Vendetta and We Still Kill The Old Way (all of which she was credited as Danni Dyer), as well as Age of Kill, Asylum and Bonded by Blood 2.

Two of her films - Heckle and O31 - are currently in pre- or post-production.

How much is Dani Dyer worth?

Since winning Love Island, Dani Dyer has been flooded with work, and has earned her fair share of cash. As the victor of the ITV reality show, she won £50,000 - which she chose to split with Jack Fincham.

She has also made several appearances on various TV shows, including Celebrity Juice, which could have paid her. She is currently launching her own In The Style clothing range, which has reportedly earned her £500,000.

How old is Dani Dyer and how tall is she?

Dani Dyer was born on August 8, 1996, making her 22-years-old. She is a Leo and is reportedly around 5 foot 4inches tall.

Dani Dyer met her partner, Jack, on the 2018 series of Love Island
Dani Dyer met her partner, Jack, on the 2018 series of Love Island. Picture: Getty

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What is Dani Dyer's Instagram handle?

You can follow Dani Dyer on Instagram by adding her handle 'danidyerxx'.

Is Dani Dyer engaged?

Dani Dyer isn't engaged (yet), but we wouldn't blame you for thinking she was. Thanks to Roman Kemp, she pranked the nation into believing Jack Fincham proposed to her.