The Sign Proving Love Island's Curtis Pritchard Really Is Into Maura Higgins

11 July 2019, 16:37

Curtis and Maura have been getting to know each other following Amy Hart's exit
Curtis and Maura have been getting to know each other following Amy Hart's exit. Picture: ITV2

Curtis Pritchard and Maura Higgins are at the start of their Love Island romance.

Maura Higgins turned her attentions to Curtis Pritchard after he split from Amy Hart – who has now left the villa – and during the lap dancing challenge she sent Curtis’ heart rate soaring off the charts.

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Curtis didn’t really show any major signs he returned Maura’s feelings when Amy was still in the Love Island villa, but at the start of the series he revealed he’d slid into her Instagram DMs many months ago.

However, now that his former partner Amy has been gone from the villa for a few days the professional ballroom dancer is beginning to show signs he really is into the Irish beauty.

Love Island: The Morning After podcast hosts Kem Cetinay and Arielle Free revealed how they can tell Curtis is into Maura as they discussed Wednesday night’s lap dance challenge.

Kem said: “Maura took it to the next level, she took her man… she knew what she wanted, she literally said ‘I just decided to get on top of him and show him what’s what’.”

“I felt quite strongly about Maura and Curtis not being a thing, however, I retract my statement – I think there is fire there.”

Kem: “I feel like now Amy’s gone and he can relax a little bit more, and he went on a date with someone else, and then he had a kiss with Maura – it made him realise he might like Maura, he’s starting to relax.”

Maura revealed her feelings for Curtis shortly after his split from Amy, saying she thinks he’s “so manly”.

And during the heart rate challenge she was left hot and bothered after Curtis wore a carnival-inspired outfit and scooped Maura into his arms.

Maura Higgins gave Curtis Pritchard a kiss during her lap dance
Maura Higgins gave Curtis Pritchard a kiss during her lap dance. Picture: ITV2

The romantic moment came after Maura straddled Curtis during her own dance, grabbing him and kissing him as she sat on his lap in a raunchy catsuit outfit.

The podcasts hosts also pointed out how Curtis is back in the game after being left upset over Amy’s exit, with Kem adding: “The day before he was crying all day over Amy, and then literally the next day he was getting the grafting on.

“Some people say the best way to get over someone is to move on with someone else… He’s open now to meet someone and he and Maura could be a thing.”

Maura has had her fair share of heartache in the villa, after getting to know Tommy Fury, Tom Walker, and new boy Marvin.

However, now that bombshell Francesca has arrived Maura has some competition in battling for Curtis’ attention.

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