Caroline Flack’s Ex Andrew Brady Promises ‘The Truth Will Come Out’

23 December 2019, 10:57

Andrew Brady talks ex Caroline Flack
Andrew Brady has made yet more digs over ex Caroline Flack. Picture: Instagram

Andrew Brady has ranted about his ‘toxic’ 2018 and recovery as he makes more digs at ex-girlfriend and fiancee´ Caroline.

Caroline Flack’s ex-boyfriend Andrew Brady has made another series of digs at the Love Island presenter on the day she faces court.

Taking to Instagram in a very lengthy post, the Apprentice star details his “toxic” 2018 with the 40-year-old and promised the “truth will come out”.

Going through his year of recovery with his travels, and discovering a “new found confidence”, Andrew commented: “I have had such an amazing year its actually made me grateful for 2018.

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Andrew Brady reveals a 'leopard will never change her spots'
Andrew Brady reveals a 'leopard will never change her spots'. Picture: Andrew Brady/Instagram

“Feeling as low as I did was the motivation I needed to rid myself of a highly toxic situation and leave on a one way flight to Australia. I am so grateful I left and got away.”

The 26-year-old added: “You may be able to silence victims but a leopard never changes her spots. The truth will come out eventually.”

Andrew also refers to the gagging order again which he revealed on Instagram alluding it was from his relationship and engagement with Caroline.

The long message also shows Andrew offering out his support once more to the former X Factor presenter’s current boyfriend, Lewis Burton.

Caroline Flack and Andrew Brady were engaged in 2018
Caroline Flack and Andrew Brady were engaged in 2018. Picture: PA

He wrote: “However, I am deeply saddened to see my 2018 is looking rather similar to someone else’s 2019. It appears there’s yet another victim of domestic abuse being silenced by a gagging order.”

Caroline stepped down from her role as Love Island presenter following her arrest for allegedly assaulting her partner.