What is the 'butter churner' sex position? The meaning behind Love Island Callum's fave technique

14 January 2020, 12:00

Love Island's Callum says his favourite sex position is the 'butter churner'
Love Island's Callum says his favourite sex position is the 'butter churner'. Picture: ITV / Getty: Carol Yepes
Rachel Finn

By Rachel Finn

This sounds like a lot of effort, tbh.

Love Island is ridiculous but it can also teach us a lot of things. Firstly (and lastly) that there are a whole range of bizarrely named sex positions out there that we’ve never heard of and may not even want to try.

Fans will remember during the 2019 series when Curtis Pritchard revealed to the group that his favourite sex position was ‘the eagle’, which sent so many people online searching for what it was that it literally broke a sex position website.

But now we have a new contender - the ‘butter churner’.

During the show’s Spill The Tea challenge - where the contestants have to match facts to each of the Islanders - it was revealed that one of the boy’s favourite sex positions was something called the ‘butter churner’.

When it came to Shaughna’s turn she read out: “This boy’s favourite position is the butter churner’ and the fact turned out to belong to Callum, who them proceeded to (sort of) demonstrate the position to all of the other islanders.

But WTF is it?

Well, apparently it involves the receiving partner doing a shoulder stand while their partner holds their ankles above their head and squats over them in order to, erm, penetrate them.

You can also call it the ‘squat thruster’ apparently, if for some strange reason you wanted to.

Personally we find it hard to believe that any sex position that involves voluntary shoulder stands and squatting could really be anyone’s favourite, because let’s be honest, it’s 2020 and we’re all tired and really who ever did a shoulder stand outside of a Year 8 PE class?

So sorry... guess you’ll never be able to look at butter in the same way again?