6 Reasons We're Excited To Watch Love Island Australia

15 June 2020, 16:32

Love Island Australia is airing on ITV2 starting tonight
Love Island Australia is airing on ITV2 starting tonight. Picture: Love Island Australia

Love Island Australia series 1 starts airing on ITV2 tonight and here's why we're excited to get the villa drama back in our lives.

Love Island's summer series was forced to cancel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but ITV2 has come to the rescue and is airing series 1 of Australia's series which was full of love, drama and even a very heated fight, and it starts tonight!

Love Island Australia Cast: Meet The Season 1 Contestants

Here's all the reasons we can't wait to get stuck in to the 2018 series...

We already know there's serious drama

Back in 2018 when the series was ongoing on the other side of the world, a huge fight that broke over between two of the guys did the rounds in the UK and had everyone wondering just how dramatic the Australian series was in comparison to ours.

A boring series it is already confirmed to not be- which we're all in serious need of right now.

Now, we can watch the whole series and understand exactly what went down to cause *that* showdown...

We can totally stalk where they are now

It's the age of social media and we're all an impatient bunch- and as this series has already happened, you can totally creep on all the cast's Instagram accounts and see where they've ended up since the show, if you don't mind spoilers of course.

Heck, you and your mates could resist the urge to check socials and even place bets about who will win, and even who is still together today (and yes, some of them actually are!)

It'll be like lockdown is over... just for an hour a night!

Sitting around a fire pit? In a large group? Rubbing sun cream on another person???? KISSING?!!!

We can hardly wait to slip into an alternate reality where we can forget social distancing and lockdowns are our lives for an hour every night, and day dream about a time where good looking people in swimsuits could flirt freely with one another.

There's basically no dating right now, we can live through the islanders!

Unless you're the blind-video-chat-dating type (in which case, good on you), it's pretty unlikely anyone's dating right now as social lives as we know them have ground to a halt- but not for these islanders.

As for all you couples out there, won't it be refreshing to re-live those exciting first days through other people and escape your lockdown boredom for a while?

Motivation to get off the sofa and work out?

Nothing can make you put down the popcorn and reluctantly slide into your active wear like a bunch of toned, tanned singletons looking better than ever in a fabulous Spanish villa, right?!

No, still can't tempt you?

Yeah, us neither.

We have a whole new narrator and presenter to fall in love with!

As obsessed as we are with Iain Stirling and Laura Whitmore, and the fact they formed their own version of Love Island and got together themselves, we're actually so excited to get to know another presenter and comic narrator.

The Australian series is narrated by Irish radio star Eoghan McDermott and presented by the stunning and charming Sophie Monk- so bring it on!

Love Island Australia airs on ITV2 weekdays at 9pm, starting June 15th.

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