Love Island's New Weekly Salary Announced As Former Islanders Offer Advice To 2019 Contestants

21 May 2019, 13:33

Love Island salary announced as former contestants reach out to this year's islanders
Love Island salary announced as former contestants reach out to this year's islanders. Picture: ITV2/ Love Island

It has been revealed how much the 'Love Island' 2019 contestants will be paid for heading into the villa, and it really isn't much money.

Love Island is gearing up for the series to kick off in just two weeks and it's been revealed how much the islanders will be paid per week to appear in the famous villa- and it's so little money people can't quite believe it.

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It has been revealed that this year's contestants will be paid just £250 a week for appearing on the show, to cover the 'risks' involved in taking part on the most popular game show in the UK, according to the Daily Star.

The small salary has divided opinion, with one twitter user working out the payment equals out to way less than minimum wage, writing:

"If love island contestants are getting paid £250 a week yet they're being filmed for say around 18 hours a day, then they're litr getting paid less than £2 an hour which is a bit ridiculous lol."

It's been acknowledged in previous years by the show's bosses of the likelihood of contestants having lucrative endorsement and sponsorship deals upon leaving the villa as famous faces and in some cases, household names.

However, many upon entering have had to quit their jobs or take extended periods of leave and a discussion around the mental health of those thrust into the limelight only to find work 'drying up' in the future has left people questioning the ethics of the small payment.

The salary is reportedly a £50 increase on last year's weekly payment of £200, meaning if someone makes it the full eight weeks in the villa they'll receive £2,000, with the chance to win the £50,000 prize money (either split or stolen with the other half of their couple).

A source told the publication: "Everyone now knows that stepping into that villa brings good and bad things."

They risk coming out and being trolled on Twitter, their dreams of being a big reality star dashed, work dries up and end-ing up feeling depressed and having issues.”

Others think the salary is more than enough as the sole purpose for people joining the show is meant to be finding love and will inevitably 'make thousands' upon returning to the UK a celebrity.

One user wrote: "how is £250 a week not enough???? wtf it honestly shows that the ppl that go on love island are not ab the love element at all, and it’s not like they won’t b making thousands the moment they leave, i didn’t even think they got paid to go on tbh GREEDEHHHHH."

As future contestants are soon to be headed into 'lockdown' before the series kicks off, former contestants including Rykard and Jack Fowler have reached out to offer advice, as well as Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan.

Former contestants offer advice to future Love Island contestants
Former contestants offer advice to future Love Island contestants. Picture: Twitter

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