'Love Island' Fans Cringe As A Contestant Introduces Their 'Catchphrases' On Intro Video

28 May 2019, 16:59

Love Island contestant introduces her 'slang' into the show
Love Island contestant introduces her 'slang' into the show. Picture: ITV/Love Island

One 'Love Island' contestant is already slipping in her slang to the show despite the fact it hasn't started yet and it's got people cringing.

Love Island is about to kick off it's fifth series- and as the show released it's 'meet the cast' video to the world- one islander in particular, Lucie Donlan, has caught people's attention as she's introducing her 'catch phrases' into the mix before the series has even kicked off.

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Lucie, 21, who is the ex of 2018 contestant Charlie Frederick, says to the camera that "in the villa this year [we'll] probably hear some new and weird words" before continuing on to introduce her phrases 'bev, bevnished, fwoofed off, fwoof' leaving many rolling their eyes.

Islanders accidentally coining catchphrases that are quickly picked up by the whole nation, including 'that's my type on paper', 'little bit leave it' and most famously of all, Georgia Steel's 'I'm loyal babes.'

One user took to Twitter to write "imagine trying to claim that bev is a word no one knows."

Another wrote "trying to get a phrase on that Primark T-shirt" and another said "cringed so hard I got a neck cramp when she busted out her new words in the intro."

Twitter user cringes at new islander's 'catchphrases'
Twitter user cringes at new islander's 'catchphrases'. Picture: twitter/ Love island

Charlie hasn't been entirely complementary about his ex heading into the villa, telling the MailOnline that he doesn't think she's looking for love and is using his name in order to achieve 'Z-list fame.'

So, it doesn't sound like the two are on the best of terms- but the one burning question we have is whether her phrase 'bevnished' had anything to do with the pair splitting?

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