Where Is The Love Island Villa? The 2018 Filming Location And Set Revealed

6 June 2018, 16:53 | Updated: 8 June 2018, 10:53

Love Island 2018 Villa

The Love Island villa is one of the best-known location and set on ITV2 right now - but where in Mallorca is it based?

The Love Island villa is one of the most popular TV locations on ITV2 and TV right now with the likes of Dani Dyer and Laura Anderson taking up residency for series four.

And as we watch all the drama unfold on Caroline Flack’s show everynight, viewers and fans have become eager to know where Love Island is set - mainly so we can fantasise about a pad this big for ourselves.

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love island villa location


So where is the villa located in Mallorca? And is there an address?

It turns out, the villa is a lot closer to the UK than you'd first thought. With what seems like endless sun, blue skies and enviable blue ocean beaches, you'd wager your life, the villa was on some kind of tropical (love) island.

But nope!

The island is in fact a British favourite... Mallorca!

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The villa is set in the heart of Mallorca's Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, located in the east of the island and actually quite a popular spot when it comes to tourists.

According to OK! Online, the villa will be used once again in season 4 of Love Island too!

Now, Caroline Flack has given us the first ever sneak peek from the inside of this year's villa- pumping some iron in front of the mirror, as we know the contestants love doing!

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