Love Island 2015: Where Are Your Favourite Couples From The First Series Now? And How Successful Have They Been?

31 May 2018, 13:50 | Updated: 4 June 2018, 15:42

Love Island 2015 Cast

Are Love Island series one's Jon and Hannah still happily coupled up? Who is Jess Hayes chirpsing?! All your favourite couples from 2015 and what they're up to now revealed.

Love Island revealed their first non-celebrity cast in 2015, and it's been three years since we were graced with the likes of Omar Sultani, Josh Richie and Lauren Richardson coupling and re-coupling and re-coupling. But where are your favourite couples from series 1 now? What have the originals been up to since you saw them (or caught up with them on Netflix)?

Feel old yet? Well, with just a matter of days until the 2018 series, it's time we caught up with what the cast members have done since they left the Spanish villa.

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Jess Hayes


A post shared by Jessica Hayes (@jessicahayesx_) onMay 10, 2018 at 7:25am PDT

After, quite shockingly, winning the first series of 'Love Island', she soon broke up with her partner, Max - just a month after they were crowned winners, in fact.

Jess went on to find herself a new man, and is pursuing a career as a fashion and make-up artist, and still lists herself as a model and influencer on Instagram, so things have clearly worked out well for her, right?

Max Morley


A post shared by Max Morley (@maxmorley77) onDec 7, 2017 at 1:50pm PST

We all knew that Max was going to be a bit of a hit with the ladies, didn't we? Especially after Naomi and Jess both fought for him. So it comes as no surprise that after splitting from Jess, Morley apparently dated both Charlotte Crosby and 'Love Island' alumni, Zara Holland.

He returned to his reality TV roots in 2017, when he popped up on 'Ex On The Beach'.

Omar Sultani

And you thought Naomi had a tough time in the villa? Spare a second for Omar, who seemed to be pied off by everything in Mallorca.

However, he seems to be living the life now. While it looks like he (still) isn't in a relationship, Omar often jets off to the likes of Marbella with his pals for a BIGGER party than 'Love Island' could ever expect to throw.

Hannah Elizabeth

After capturing our hearts for the entire summer of 2015, her relationship with the man who was made to feel like a unicorn, Jon Clark, didn't last, and they even called off their relationship.

However, Hannah seems to be happy now, as she's coupled up with a new man, George, and has even referred to him as 'The One' on social media. She's also been spotted mingling with fellow reality stars, and has holidayed with the likes of Georgia Harrison (who later went on to enjoy a stint in the villa.)

Jon Clark


A post shared by Jonathan Clark (@jbclark_) onMay 1, 2018 at 10:50am PDT

As we've mentioned, Jon's proposal to Hannah on national television didn't pan out how he'd have hoped, after the pair called it quits. Jon, however, seems to be doing very well for himself.

Jon now appears as a regular cast member on 'The Only Way Is Essex', and has done since 2016. And if that wasn't even reality TV for you, he also went on to date Chloe Crowhurst, another 'Love Island' star, before settling down his his new girlfriend, Tayla Ling.

Josh Ritchie


A post shared by Joshua Ritchie (@joshuaritchie1) onApr 15, 2018 at 8:08am PDT

Who didn't Josh end up coupling with in the 'Love Island' villa? He had a fling with Jess, then moved on to Naomi, only to get pied by her and gave it a crack with Lauren.

But he's now currently dating Charlotte Crosby, and has appeared in her documentary series, 'The Charlotte Show', before. That's not his only claim to reality fame, though - like Max, Josh popped on to 'Ex On The Beach'.

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Lauren Richardson

Lauren Richardson Love Island

After claims that she was the reason One Direction went on a hiatus, after she shared a picture of her chilling with Zayn Malik, Lauren still managed to win us all over.

Yet, after some backlash following her now infamous snap, Lauren has made a lot of her social media private, and has taken a step away from the public eye.

Cally Jane Beech

Even though she was a late entrant to the 'Love Island' villa, it wasn't long before she was sharing the L-word with her partner, Luis.

And the two couldn't have a stronger relationship now if they tried. Despite rumours that the two of them were on a brief break, the duo had the first 'Love Island' baby recently.

Luis Morrison


A post shared by Luis Morrison (@luismorrison39) onMay 15, 2018 at 1:29am PDT

As mentioned before, Luis has ditched his footballer-playboy ways, and has settled down with Cally, after it didn't look like it was going to work out for him in the villa.

Now, he's happily with Cally, and their baby girl, Nadia.

Jordan Ring


A post shared by Jordan Ring (@jordanring1983) onFeb 1, 2018 at 11:54am PST

First there was Daisy. Then there was Zoe. But shortly after the pair left the 'Love Island' villa, The Hulk and Zoe called it off, and their relationship was over.

Since, Jordan has signed up to a film featured artist agency. We're eagerly expecting him to play Bruce Banner, please.

Zoe Basia Brown

Zoe Brown Love Island

Don't. Even. Mention. THAT. Spider... Model Zoe hooked up with Jordan during the series and the pair seemed like the perfect couple going...

Until they called it off, after leaving the villa, and Zoe took to Twitter to write "To all those who have asked Hulk and I are no longer together. Thanks so much for all your kind comments and messages throughout, wish him all the best #onwardsandupwards." She's since deleted her Instagram and Twitter.

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Naomi Ball

Poor ol' Naomi went through her fair share during her stint on 'Love Island'. After coming in late, and being accussed of stealing ALL of Jess' men, it all kicked off.

However, Naomi was booted out of the villa while coupled-up with Max, and it seemed to have continued after they both left. Fans were quick to spot a cryptic Instagram post with the pair, before they hit a premiere together. (Although, it was confirmed they only went to the movie as friends.)

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