WATCH: Caroline Flack Falls Over As She Collects A BAFTA For Love Island

14 May 2018, 12:01

Caroline Flack is the latest celeb to fall victim to the 'tripping-over-massive-dress-walking-to-the-stage' epidemic that plagues award season...

Oh, Flacky. How we wish we could have warned you sooner. 

Caroline Flack's Revealed The Launch Date For Love Island 2018

Has she not seen the compilations of Jennifer Lawrence stacking it at every award ceremony under the sun? Caz, big dresses + long walk to the stage on national television do not go well - and we guess Caroline Flack had to learn the hard way.

But hey, at least Love Island finally bagged themselves a BAFTA for Best Reality show. Did anyone else spot Marcel Somerville flying solo after Gabby Allen dumped him for cheating, alongside fellow singleton Chris Hughes? Awkward.

Picture: GIPHY

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