Real Reason Love Island's Molly Smith Is Upset With Georgia Steel After PDA Awards

5 February 2024, 15:00

Molly Smith was brought to tears after the Love Island All Star's 'PDA Awards'
Molly Smith was brought to tears after the Love Island All Star's 'PDA Awards'. Picture: ITV

By Abbie Reynolds

Georgia Steel was caught up in a Love Island All Stars row with Callum Jones after the 'PDA Awards' which left his ex-girlfriend Molly Smith in tears - here's the reason why.

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On a recent episode of Love Island All Stars it all kicked off between Georgia Steel and Callum Jones, who she had just been in a couple with.

In what they called the 'PDA Awards' - which was really just like the infamous 'Movie Night' - it was revealed that Georgia S had been expressing similar feelings for Callum, Tom Clare and Toby Aromolaran without each of the boys knowing.

Callum, who had been in couple with Georgia and spent a night in the hideaway with her, was one of the most upset by the revelations, as he exclaimed: "Snaky behaviour, I thought you was a loyal babe."

However, Callum's ex-girlfriend Molly Smith, who is also in the Love Island All stars villa, left the 'PDA Awards' in tears, as she ran off to the bedrooms with fellow islander Arabella Chi.

Confiding in Arabella, Molly revealed her real issue with Georgia - here's what she said.

Georgia Steel won the award for 'Sneaky All Star'
Georgia Steel won the award for 'Sneaky All Star'. Picture: ITV

Molly and Callum met on Love Island series six back in 2020 and narrowly missed making it to the final three couples after being voted out by their fellow islanders.

After their time in the show they stayed together for three and a half years and even ended up living with each other. When they both joined All Stars, newly single, fans even speculated that the pair were secretly still together.

Callum erupts at Georgia over PDA awards

During the 'PDA Awards' Georgia S was shown to have lead on islanders Tom and Toby whilst in a couple with Molly's ex Callum.

This upset Molly, as she insisted: "She f**ked up the whole situation with Cal trying to get back with me."

Callum was not pleased with what Georgia S had said to Toby and Tom behind his back
Callum was not pleased with what Georgia S had said to Toby and Tom behind his back. Picture: ITV

During the PDA Awards Georgia had brought up the history she has with Toby, comparing it to Molly's and Callum's past.

"I don't know why I am getting so upset but she's pissed me off," Molly went on. "It just really annoys me that she's trying to compare her and Toby to my three and half year relationship that I stepped to the side for, for her to crack on [with Callum]."

The distraught islander seems to feel that her and Callum could of had a chance to rekindle their relationship if Georgia hadn't of shown an interest in him.

However, now Georgia is caught in love square with three boys, which had Molly screaming to Arabella: "Also tryna crack on with Tom. F***king make your mind up!"

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