'I'm A Celeb' Viewers Notice Coded Conversations Proving Camp Mates Know Secret Information

18 November 2020, 11:37

'I'm A Celeb' viewers noticed Shane Richie talking in a code to other camp mates and they think the celebrities may know more than they're letting on.

I'm A Celebrity viewers are convinced the camp mates know more than they should after noticing a coded conversation about 'surprise' new arrivals before they were introduced to them on Tuesday's episode.

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'I'm A Celeb' viewers notice Shane Richie talking in 'code'
'I'm A Celeb' viewers notice Shane Richie talking in 'code'. Picture: Shuttershock

Audiences suspicions were raised when a seemingly coded conversation took place following an announcement to the camp.

As Ant and Dec entered the castle dwelling to tell the celebrities they were all partaking in the upcoming 'Stage Fright' trial, the presenters had told everyone watching at home about a secret twist, separately.

They revealed to us it would, in fact, be the two new camp mates taking part in the trial, Russell Watson and Ruthie Henshall- but the camp mates weren't supposed to be aware of this at the time.

That is, however, until soap veteran Shane Richie was heard whispering to the other camp mates:

"It's R and R."

"We've got the night off."

Naturally, viewers rushed to Twitter to ask just how the camp mates knew about an upcoming twist before it had been revealed to them, joking the Eastenders star was about to land himself in hot water with producers.

So, this year's bunch have basically proven they already knew who the secret additions were going to be, but their names have been floating around in the press for a couple of weeks now.

However, how they knew they wouldn't be doing the trial remains a mystery!

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