Viewers Believe Dec Was Flirting With Nadine During A Bushtucker Trial

2 December 2019, 22:27 | Updated: 2 December 2019, 22:36

I'm A Celeb viewers thought that the Geordie TV host Dec got a little flirty with the former Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle.

I'm A Celeb viewers think that they spotted a few flirty comments from Dec during Nadine's Bushtucker trial 'Movile Home'.

With the Girls Aloud singer on track to get 10 stars for her fellow campmates, Dec was on hand to shout out a few helpful hints as well as some cheeky one liners.

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Nadine takes on the Bushtucker challenge
Nadine takes on the Bushtucker challenge. Picture: ITV

Head to toe in gunge, Nadine was subjected to the likes of mealworms and ants however Dec's encouragement pushed her to complete a successful trial.

Fans were quick to point out that they felt Dec was a little flirty with the singer. One wrote, "Dec is way too excited about Nadine's nimble fingers", with another adding, "Dec definitely fancys Nadine".

Later on in the camp, Nadine did in fact tell the rest of the gang that she had a soft spot for the TV host. She revealed, "There’s something really cute, cheeky and sassy about him.”

Jacqueline agreed, "Ant and Dec are a bit of alright actually, they are funny, they smell good and as they get older they look even better. I don’t know if they are having work done but they are getting better looking and potentially looking younger."

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