Taylor Swift Announces Surprise Song ‘The Bolter’ – Inside The Meaning And Lyrics

16 February 2024, 16:24

Taylor Swift announced bonus track 'The Bolter'
Taylor Swift announced bonus track 'The Bolter'. Picture: Getty

By Kathryn Knight

Taylor Swift has announced a new bonus track called ‘The Bolter’ from her upcoming album the 'Tortured Poets Department'.

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Taylor Swift is giving the people what they want in the run up to her 2024 album’s release and has announced an exclusive bonus track titled ‘The Bolter’, which she unveiled while performing on The Eras Tour in Melbourne, Australia, to thousands of screaming Swifties.

'The Bolter' is one of two confirmed bonus tracks, along with ‘The Manuscript’, but we’re yet to hear how Taylor’s new songs sound as 'Tortured Poets Department' doesn't come out until 19th April.

Fans have been guessing in the meantime if her new album is about her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn, after their split at the start of 2023.

But what is ‘The Bolter’ by Taylor Swift about, what does it mean and what are the lyrics?

Taylor Swift announced 'The Bolter' on The Eras Tour
Taylor Swift announced 'The Bolter' on The Eras Tour. Picture: Getty

What is the meaning of ‘The Bolter’, Taylor Swift’s song?

A bolter is a type of gun, a powerful weapon. It’s also a term used in aviation when a pilot fails to land an aircraft carrier. When it comes to Taylor’s lyricism and coded meanings, she could be taking inspiration for either one of these for her bonus track on ‘Tortured Poets Department’.

We’re getting similar vibes to ’The Archer’ with this newly-announced track, but we’ll have to wait until 19th April when the album comes out to find out what Tay is singing about.

However, she did give us a glimpse at some of the lyrics when she announced ’The Bolter’ – more on that below.

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What are the lyrics to ‘The Bolter’?

As Taylor announced ‘The Bolter’ as a bonus track, she included some lyrics to get us all in our feels.

“You don’t get to tell me about sad,” is the one lyric she gave us so we’re taking that and running with it.

From this, fans are expecting a heartfelt ballad filled with heartache and pure turmoil. But we’ll have to wait until 19th April to hear it in full!

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