When Is Taylor Swift's Eras Tour In The UK?

15 February 2024, 13:16 | Updated: 15 March 2024, 15:00

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour sells out across Europe and the UK
Taylor Swift's Eras Tour sells out across Europe and the UK. Picture: Getty

By Tiasha Debray

Taylor Swift's Era's tour is giving us all FOMO so when will she be in the UK? And what venues is she playing at? Here’s everything you need to know including whether you can still buy tickets.

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Every day that passes by is another day closer to Taylor Swift’s return to the UK, this time bringing The Eras Tour with her with supporting act Paramore in tow!

With dates announced last June, Taylor’s been quite literally taking over the globe with her latest tour from an epic stage wardrobe to even releasing the concert into cinema and on streaming platforms.

But the real joy came when Travis Kelce's girlfriend added extra shows to her tour, in particular three new shows at London’s Wembley Stadium, which opened up another 270,000 seats for fans.

So when is Taylor Swift's Era's tour coming to the UK? What venues is she playing at and is it possible to still get tickets? Here's everything you need to know.

Taylor Swift's Europe leg of The Eras Tour kicks off 9th of May
Taylor Swift's Europe leg of The Eras Tour kicks off 9th of May. Picture: Getty

When Is the Eras Tour coming to the UK?

Dates were officially released in 2023, with Taylor doing a small trip throughout the UK in June during the middle leg of her Europe tour.

From France, Sweden, Portugal and Spain, Taylor’s going to come party in the UK and then proceed to finish her Euro-tour hitting up Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria.

She’ll then return to London for five incredible nights in Wembley Stadium before jetting off to Canada to do it all again.

The devil works hard, but Taylor Swift works harder.

The exact dates and venues for The Eras Tour UK are below:

  • Edinburgh 7th June - 9th June
  • Liverpool 13th June - 15th June
  • Cardiff 18th June
  • London 21st June - 23rd June
  • Dublin 28 June - 30th June
  • London again 15th August - 20th August

Taylor Swift to release extended version of The Eras Tour

How much are Taylor Swift tickets UK 2024?

Original pricing for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour tickets on Ticketmaster had General Admission Standing tickets at £110.40.

Seating tickets were anywhere from £58.65 to £194.75 depending on how far back or high up seats were. Front sitting sat at £172.25.

With prices like that it’s no wonder Taylor made billionaire status last year.

Can I still get tickets to the Taylor Swift Eras tour?

Sorry Swifty fans, as expected, Taylor Swift has sold out seats and venues across the whole of the UK.

Tickets went on sale last year and obviously sold out faster than the tears falling from your face right now.

And it was anything but easy for those that did join the original fight for tickets as anyone who wanted to purchase ticket had to pre-register to get a code that would allow them into the site on the day.

On top of that, it was compulsory for the buyer of the tickets to be the one in attendance so say goodbye to asking mum to wait on the site for hours for you.

Luckily for anyone that's missed out though, Taylor will be dropping the entire set on Disney+ soon.

Listen live to Capital, and catch up on any shows you missed, on Global Player.