Olivia Rodrigo Fans Compare Taylor Swift's 'imgonnagetyouback' To 'Get Him Back'

24 April 2024, 17:48 | Updated: 26 April 2024, 15:16

Olivia Rodrigo Fans Compare Taylor Swift's 'imgonnagetyouback' To 'Get Him Back'
Olivia Rodrigo Fans Compare Taylor Swift's 'imgonnagetyouback' To 'Get Him Back'. Picture: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for The Recording Academy, Geffen Records
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Taylor Swift's new song 'imgonnagetyouback' uses the same lyrical conceit as Olivia Rodrigo's 'Get Him Back'.

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People are comparing Taylor Swift's brand new song 'imgonnagetyouback' to Olivia Rodrigo's 2023 single 'Get Him Back'.

Fans will already know that Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo have a long history together. Before Olivia even started releasing music, she was a huge Swiftie and Taylor supported Olivia both on and off social media at the start of her career. However, the artists stopped interacting with each other after Taylor was retroactively added to Olivia's 'Deja Vu' credits in 2021.

This led to people speculating that there was a feud between Taylor and Olivia but Olivia has since told Rolling Stone that she doesn't have "beef" with anyone. Both singers have also been spotted clapping for each other and singing along to each other's music at award's shows as well, leading people to think that all is well between the two artists.

Now, Taylor has released a new song called 'imgonnagetyouback' and fans think that it's reminiscent of an Olivia song.

In 'imgonnagetyouback' on 'The Tortured Poets Department', Taylor sings about wanting to get an ex back but also wanting to get them back in the sense of getting revenge on them.

In the chorus, Taylor sings: Whether I'm gonna be your wife or / Gonna smash up your bike, I haven't decided yet / But I'm gonna get you back / Whether I'm gonna curse you out or / Take you back to my house, I haven't decidеd yet / But I'm gonna get you back.

Fans quickly noticed that Olivia used the same lyrical conceit in 'Get Him Back' on her 2023 album Guts.

Olivia's chorus goes: I wanna get him back / I wanna make him really jealous, wanna make him feel bad / Oh, I wanna get him back / 'Cause then again, I really miss him, and it makes me real sad.

Reacting to the similarities one fan tweeted: "Imgonnagetyouback and Get Him Back are sister songs."

Another wrote: "imgonnagetyouback and get him back are SO similar."

However, others were less convinced about the similarities pointing out that the songs sound completely different and it isn't unusual for different songs to cover similar lyrical themes.

One person tweeted: "imo, get him back! and imgonnagetyouback are completely different. different moods completely even if the premise is the same."

Someone else added: "imgonnagetyouback and get him back do not sound the same at all & aren’t that similar".

Regardless of any similarities, Taylor has revealed that she's been working on 'The Tortured Poets Department' for two years so it's possible that 'imgonnagetyouback' was written before 'Get Him Back' was even released.

Olivia and Taylor both releasing relatable breakup anthems about being unable to decide if you want to get back with an ex or not? Pretty legendary if you ask me.

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