WATCH: Stormi Adorably Shows 'Patience' In The Candy Challenge With Kylie Jenner

12 May 2020, 14:50

Stormi breaks the internet with adorable fruit snack challenge
Stormi breaks the internet with adorable fruit snack challenge. Picture: Instagram @kyliejenner

Stormi's out here being the model child as Kylie Jenner tempts her with M&M's and she resists eating them in a seriously adorable video.

Kylie Jenner's posted the most adorable video of daughter Stormi passing the candy snack challenge, where treats are put in front of a child and they are told they can have some if they wait for their parent to return.

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Kylie Jenner gets Stormi to take on the candy challenge and it’s adorable

Using a bowl of M&Ms, 22-year-old Kylie tells Stormi she can have three if she waits for her to get back from the bathroom, disappearing to leave her daughter on-screen for around thirty seconds.

Giving herself a little pep talk, Stormi says 'patience...patience' and dutifully waits for the billionaire make-up mogul to return before receiving her sweets, and it's honestly making us a bit broody.

Kylie is being praised on Twitter for her parenting skills, as not only is Stormi learnt how to be patient, but she apparently have a very highly developed speech for her age, at just 2-years-old!

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Kylie herself liked a tweet that said: "Say what you want about @KylieJenner but she is an incredible mother and Stormi is a god damn angel."

"That video of her waiting to eat the chocolate. Her speech is incredible for a child her age! (And as a Speech Pathologist I notice these things!)"

"Gimme more Stormi content!!!"

Others are comparing Stormi's 'patience' to mum Kylie's viral 'rise and shine' and honestly, it's got a ring to it, with one Twitter user saying: "Patience by Stormi, double platinum with no feature."

Having recently celebrated Mother's Day over in the US, Kylie made a heart warming post about how much she loves being Stormi's mum and has been posting all kinds of videos of them having fun whilst in lockdown, with her Dad (and Ky's rumoured beau), Travis Scott, and it's all too much cuteness to handle.

Kylie wrote: "This little love of mine... what a special gift it is to be a mother. happy mother’s day to all the mamas."

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