WATCH: The Kardashian's Hilarious New Prank Show 'You Kiddin' Me?' Targets Kris Jenner

12 September 2018, 15:32

The Kardashian's mercilessly prank Kris Jenner in a new prank show that Kim is executive producing, 'You Kiddin' Me?' and NGL, it looks really funny.

The Kardashian's have a brand new prank show You Kiddin' Me coming out, with Kim as the executive producer, and naturally their first target, is their Momager, Kris Jenner, who rises to the challenge hilariously in this teaser trailer.

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If you've ever watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians you'll know they're a family that appreciate a prank, from continuing a hilarious fake caller 'Todd Kraines' to Kris for months, and even 'tipi'ing' each other's mansions (covering it in loo roll), so it seems only fitting the entrepreneurs are now trying their hand at a prank show.

Most recently, Khloe even fooled their mum into thinking some splashes of paint were done by a fictional hot new artist 'Art Vandelay' and we honestly respect the intensity of their pranking abilities.

It's even more fitting that Kris Jenner is the puppet in which they carry out these various schemes, from making her talk about just how flawless she is to a make-up artist, to revealing a painting of her making out with herself to a room of art lovers.

We, of course, will be watching, and it will be streaming on a new service, Facebook Watch, and the first episode will air on September 22nd.

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