Was Zayn Malik's 'Sh*t Person' Apology Tweet Aimed At Gigi Hadid Or Louis Tomlinson?

25 March 2019, 11:56

Zayn Malik apologises for being a 'sh*t person' on Twitter
Zayn Malik apologises for being a 'sh*t person' on Twitter. Picture: Instagram/ZaynMalik

Zayn Malik has apologised for being a 'sh*t person' leaving fans confused at who he is talking to amid Gigi Hadid split rumours.

Zayn Malik has confused fans by apologising for being a 'sh*t person' in a since deleted tweet, with some suspecting he could be directing the message to former bandmate Louis Tomlinson, or to his on/off girlfriend, Gigi Hadid.

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The 'There You Are' singer has been pretty silent on social media recently, but broke this spell with the message: "I'd like to apologise for basically being a sh*t person".

Zayn tweets and deletes he's a 'sh*t person'
Zayn tweets and deletes he's a 'sh*t person'. Picture: twitter/ZaynMalik

He followed up the deleted message by saying: "Currently happy, could be happier. Thanks for all the love and thoughts yesterday just had a vent ha x."

Before this, he had only posted once to Twitter in March to Gigi Hadid, his on/off supermodel girlfriend, who no one is sure whether or not they are currently together or not, know that he loves her.

People rushed to try and work out what he was referencing, with some thinking it could be aimed at former band mate Louis Tomlinson, who just tragically lost his 16-year-old sister Félicité.

The pair have had a rocky relationship since Zayn left the band four years ago, having sniped at each other over Twitter during a feud with Naughty Boy and Louis appeared to address 'shady' lyrics from Zayn's track 'Good Years' in a tweet.

After fans quizzed who he was aiming the tweet at, Zayn quickly followed it up by saying that he's 'happy', could be happier, but most of all, just needed to vent.

He has continued to break his social media silence since then by replying to a load of fans messages, joking around and generally seeming to be in a good mood.

Zayn, 26, responded to a fan who said his voice 'sounds like it has been ripped out of the throat of an angel', which he wasn't entirely sure how to react to.

An insider recently told E! News that Gigi and Zayn 'think that time apart is best for the sake of their relationship right now' so his recent tweet could have been an attempt to reconcile their rocky relationship, just as much as it could have been aimed at Louis.

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