What is The Eagle sexual position? Everyone wants to know after Love Island Curtis' confession

5 June 2019, 13:25

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Honestly, what would we do without Google?

We thought we were pretty clued up when it came to sex positions, but clearly we're not. Everyone was left pretty confused when Love Island's Curtis Pritchard confessed his favourite sex position was "The Eagle" on last night's episode (June 4).

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The truth came out when the Islanders were given their first challenge of the series. Each Islander had to whizz down a slime-covered slide, correctly guess facts about the other constants, and then give a kiss to who they thought the information applied to in order to bag a point for their team.

Everyone's baffled by The Eagle sex position thanks to Love Island.
Everyone's baffled by The Eagle sex position thanks to Love Island. Picture: ITV/Ann Summers

When it came time for Amber Gill to compete, she read out: "My favourite sex position is the eagle." The girls correctly guessed that Curtis had said it and he shared a passionate kiss with Amber.

Later, Curtis explained his love of The Eagle. "The Eagle is my favourite romantic position we shall say…," he teased. "I will leave you all to find that out yourself, because I am not telling you what it is."

Obviously, Love Island viewers frantically began Googling what the hell it was, which caused a sex website to crash.

So, what is The Eagle sexual position?

Well, there are a few variations for The Eagle position. Basically, one person (1) has to be on their knees, while another (2) is lying on their back with their legs in the air. Person 1 then holds Person 2's legs wide apart to get the perfect angle for, erm, penetration.


We'll never look at an eagle in the same way again…